After a period of treatment of back injuries, can Rashford recently returned to training normally. Before that, the 22 year old has serious back injury in the game against Wolves in the FA Cup in January last. The assessment predicts Rashford will sidelined all season, but this striker has recovered faster than expected to start training again in late April.

Rashford extremely happy news for MU fans, show off new tattoo mystery
Latest Photos of Rashford (Image Source: Internet)

Latest Photos of Rashford

Reporters saw Rashford back to the training ground, strength training and a member of the coaching staff of the "Reds", in the exercise Moss Lane club Altrincham, a small team located in the town of Altrincham of Trafford , Greater Manchester.

After rehearsal, Rashford arrived Carrington training center to conduct virus check other Corona came as Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial. This is considered the information could not be happier with MU fans.

Expected today (19/5), the whole team will focus MU to start the workout after the UK government the green light last week.

To prepare for the stage set together, the players Manchester United has been training in small groups in the past week. Daniel James and Luke Shaw have worked together on Friday. Paul Pogba, Victor Lindelof and Andreas Pereira also appeared together at a local park one day earlier.

Rashford extremely happy news for MU fans, show off new tattoo mystery
(Image Source: Internet)
Rashford extremely happy news for MU fans, show off new tattoo mystery
Rashford use personal brand tattoo (Image Source: Internet)

Rashford use personal brand tattoo

Back to Rashford, the appearance of the player has a notable change, the moment he pulled his shorts slightly higher, revealing a new tattoo on thigh interesting. Accordingly, this tattoo is a personal brand that Rashford are used to make avatars personal Instagram page.

Share of time to treat the injury at the same time quarantine periods for Covid-19, Rashford said: "I am quite disappointed, it was a period of difficult for me, in the past few months that, obviously on the injury. But in the last few weeks I was able to set back slightly.

I have enough tools at home and workout training very seriously and fully, no different from today in the fitness room at all. I just stay in the house and make sure you eat right. Motivation for me is always quite simple, it changes as time passes. I just focus on myself and self-improvement. "