MU confrontation every time PSG was once press and grave tone compares with Kylian Mbappe Marcus Rashford. And 2 times in the top flight of the Prince Park, the victory belongs Rashford MU still shines brightly.

Rashford 2 times the
Rashford shine, helping Manchester United beat PSG now in France (Image Source: Internet)

Rashford shine, helping Manchester United beat PSG now in France

After the match, scoring 8.0 Whoscored page for Marcus Rashford, turned him into the most players battle rush. Kylian Mbappe also the highest score PSG side, but only reached level of 7.1 points. This match, Mbappe 5 times definitely on target but only 2 times. Rashford shot with 4 times less tested, including three times on target. To talk about how effective striker of Manchester United beats. Spectacular scoring after 87 minutes, scoring 2-1 for the "Reds".

Besides, "R10" of MU also add the finish further danger. After 69 minutes, Rashford launched long shot forced Navas coverage fails to bloom. For 79 minutes, once again, PSG goalkeeper struggled clearance following a shot from the line two Rashford.

Rashford 2 times the
Mark that Mbappe (dark shirt) leaving not much (Image Source: Internet)

Mark that Mbappe (dark shirt) leaving not much

Meanwhile, the imprint that Kylian Mbappe leave no more. He completely Tuanzebe caught dead, and rare situation which players to mark the last phase Wan-Bissaka who pass before finish, but not enough coverage fails to beat De Gea 49 minutes.

Photos of Mbappe often see in this game, it is doubtful penalty hands after rising collisions with Tuanzebe. However, not once did the young superstar PSG is unsatisfactory, because the mutants he created enough difficult to get MU defenders to foul penalty home team.

So is 18 months after the penalty kick in the 90th minute from +4 to type PSG Champions League 2018/19, Marcus Rashford once again "pull down" the fortress of the Prince Park. Blow away the ball cleverly, bold and sharp playing off of England striker helped Manchester United have a big advantage in the race to win tickets to the Champions League knockout round 2020/21.

Rashford more effective than at the finish Mbappe

Manchester United and PSG's league table is a "table of death" because there is the presence of Leipzig, the team to the semifinals last season. Therefore, the goal has stumbled as finished can cause PSG must grudge. If there is a script reigning insurmountable 2020/21 group stage this season, the French fans will remember the most is probably the most hated and the name Marcus Yuchi Rashford.