Real Madrid La Liga champions season 2019/20. But this is the year that translates Covid-19 rife and many people do not know whether the national championship helped Real drainage holes epidemic season, although the press said they were still quite better than rivals Barcelona.

Ramos & rescue team Real surprise, why not have
La Liga champions Real last season but the players have refused to receive bonuses (Image Source: Internet)

La Liga champions Real last season but the players have refused to get bonus

But recent Madrid press has revealed why Real Madrid has ended fiscal year 2020 with earnings even though they can not take the audience back and other revenues also decreased. Radio COPE said Real's players, with the initiative of captain Sergio Ramos, has decided not to accept bonuses La Liga champions and will not receive the bonus if the champion Super Cup Spain (season before).

COPE said if the players get enough Real earning 700,000 euro amount for the La Liga championship title and 300,000 euros for the Spanish Super Cup last season. These amounts are based on the contractual terms of every player that stating about the bonuses they can get.

So Real has saved about 1 million euros from the actions of the players, this amount may seem small, but COPE said while adding the decision of other financial, Real have saved 25 million euros in the period by. So they will ensure continued profitable in 2020, though the actual amount of interest that has not yet reached 1 million euros.

The significance of this action is that the players Real have accepted to abandon a fairly large amount, theoretically the money Congress supporters by Real Madrid are owned by the fans, while president Florentino Perez is only the person the stipend to the operator. It should be added that a number of young players are getting low wages Real Club will compensate for them when the situation better.

The players give up bonuses, Real decided not to pursue Cavani

Marca also said that with the players refuse to accept the award, Real Madrid did not intend to pursue the striker Edinson Cavani to complement attack. They said that the signing of a new striker will be a very unfriendly response to the actions that the player has made. And if Luka Jović, Mariano Diaz or Borja Mayoral leave the club before the transfer window, Real will not buy replacement striker.