After the 10th round of the Premier League, Tottenham and Liverpool continued to be the leading teams with the same 21 points. The team of coach Jose Mourinho ranked No. 1 thanks to a better difference than the championship (+12 compared to +5). Chelsea ranked third with 19 points, and Leicester had 18 points but not kicked around 10.

British Premier League race race 2020/21 promises to be extremely attractive, dramatic

According to the assessment of William Hill, Liverpool and Man City betting are still rated as well as the best Premier League championship race for the 2020/21 season. The championship rate of these two teams are 9/5 (set 5). In the last seasons, Man City and Liverpool are always counterfeit of each other in domestic races.

Meanwhile, Tottenham's top team is now the same rate of February 11, like Chelsea, only two big Liverpool and Man City. In the early stages of the season, Tottenham is the most advanced team. From the sixth place last season, the collective under the Jose Mourinho was leading after 10 matches.

It is worth mentioning, Tottenham has gone through three battles with the Big Six group, collecting 7/9 maximum points when winning both of Manchester's large men and in the last 10 rounds of Chelsea. The North London team started the season 2020/21 with a 0-1 defeat against Everton, but it was also the only defeat so far.

Teacher Mourinho won 6 in 10 matches, including a crush on Mu 6-1 and won Man City 2-0. "It's pleasant to lead the table. However, I don't care about the score, opponent or tournament. What I want is to win the next match," Mourinho said as he was asked about Tottenham's championship.

Following the four teams above the main is MU. According to William Hill, the rate for the possibility of "Red Devils" British Premier League champion 2020/21 is January 20. MU is now 16 points after 9 matches, if it wins Burnley in the compensated stone match, they will only be in the first place with 2 points. MU's position is being underestimated compared to their ability, especially when witnessing the army of Solskjaer's spectacular coach against Southampton.

There was a fact that 7 years, MU did not touch the title of Premier League. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retreated to the past, those who sat in the hot seat of the Old Trafford team, from David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's current, no one is judged to do well my job.

If there is a quality enhancement in the January transfer period, MU promises to be a potential opponent in the British Premier League race race 2020/21. Conditions needed from now until there are more Infantry, "Reds" must maintain stability in the gameplay.

Premier League championship rate after round 10 (according to William Hill)

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