Man City, Liverpool won the Premier League with how the salary fund?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang recently signed a contract extension with Arsenal, salary £ 350,000 hyperbolous / week. Some sources claim that the striker captain of "Gunners" are the highest salaried person Premier League. In fact, Mesut is also this salary.

Race to spend money in the Premier League: Seamless
Top players are the highest paid in their clubs (Image Source: Internet)

Top players are the highest paid in their clubs

Chelsea welcome a number of "blockbuster" in summer 2020. Ben Chilwell fair is currently the highest paid at Stamford Bridge in the amount of £ 190,000 / week, Timo Werner is second with £ 175,000 / week. Although Kai Havertz have the highest transfer fee Chelsea history, but this rookie is not among the top players are the highest paid team.

Manchester City's wealthy man of course is one of the teams best-paid Premier League. Stars being the highest paid Etihad continues to be an Englishman, Raheem Sterling, with £ 300,000 / week. Kevin De Bruyne far behind with £ 280,000 / week, Sergio Aguero's £ 220,000 / week.

Despite being the defending champions Liverpool Premier League but no wage fund is too large. Mohamed Salah player enjoying the highest remuneration Anfield (£ 220,000 / week), followed by Virgil van Dijk (£ 180,000 a week). Alisson Becker duo and Sadio Mané peer mode, with £ 150,000 / week.

Health expenditure superiority of MU

But the highest paid players Premier League, according to the Daily Mail, still is David de Gea. Spanish goalkeeper receives remuneration of up to £ 375,000 / week. At MU, De Gea followed was the most expensive player in the history of English Premier Paul Pogba with £ 290,000 / week, and the third is Anthony Martial with £ 250,000 / week.

Recently, the young goalkeeper Dean Henderson put pen to sign a contract with salary of up to £ 120,000 / week, though not a major catch for any single game MU. Last year, Dean Henderson has also committed to the future with remuneration contract £ 60,000 / week. Now he get a raise double with impressive performance in color shirt Sheffield United.

He pointed out the details of how spree work of leaders Manchester United. Cites 2018/19 season, while Manchester City and Liverpool resounding success, the MU dropped to 6th crippling This situation forced BLD MU considering plans to reduce salaries.

MU is still the paradise club salary

Even if all the players reduced to 25% of wages in the new season, MU is still one of the teams with the most salary funds swell. Old Trafford team has to pay 352 million pounds salary of players and staff club in season 2018/19. This means up 56% wage fund the club's revenue by the "Reds" earned only 627 million pounds.

In the 2017/18 season, Manchester United spent £ 296 million to pay salaries to the players, more than all the remaining 19 teams. Liverpool in 2017/18 season was the second highest-paid team with 264 million pounds. Meanwhile, champions Manchester City ranked third with 260 million pounds thu. 1 year ago, "Red" is also the team has the highest wage bill tournament with 263 million pounds.

Remembered in football stage pandemic paralyzed Covid-19, many big teams like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Liverpool, Arsenal ... to wage dropped players, club staff cuts. But with Manchester United, it seems there is no financial crisis.

"Reds" commitment to keep players' wages and not to lay off any public office staff. It shows the resistance of the red half of Manchester play in pay, but do not know the new players, the shopping money where with just a player bought in early summer.