Along with Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid are still chasing Neymar team since the move to PSG player. Newspapers reported that hosts many Bernabeu each must sign above statement does not "lobby" for any other player to not vexatious PSG team into Paris.

Quit Barca, Real Madrid revealed closing price
Real Madrid still wants to get signed by Neymar (Image Source: Internet)

Real Madrid still want to get the signature of Neymar

However, according to the latest disclosure from former representatives of Neymar - Wagner Ribeiro, the president Florentino Pérez's true that hopes to put Neymar on. That almost takes place in the summer last year and still have the ability to come in the future.

"I have been to Madrid many times to meet with president Florentino Perez of Real Home Madrid. He was hoping Neymar possesses. I still remember it was in May 5/2019, Perez insisted that to me, "Wagner Ribeiro answered on ESPN.

So why both Barcelona and Real Madrid have failed in bringing Neymar to leave to Paris last summer? The reason is very simple, PSG offer price up to ... 500 million euros by the forward's contract without charge broke the terms of the contract.

Quit Barca, Real Madrid revealed closing price
President Florentino Perez will swing all the money enabled "blockbuster" Neymar this summer? (Image Source: Internet)

President Florentino Perez will swing all the money enabled "blockbuster" Neymar this summer?

However, this story will not happen this summer by Neymar has expired "duration of protection contracts" with PSG and can unilaterally break the agreement. However, players will have to cover fees and expenses corresponding to the time limit and the remaining salary in the contract. According to former representatives of Neymar, this figure will be 164 million euros, much lower than last summer.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Neymar no longer in this summer transfer plans of Barcelona due to this team's heavily influenced Covid-19. Therefore, Real Madrid will remove an annoying enemy. Meanwhile, Neymar was not much choice if you want to leave PSG.

Brazilian striker recently posted above about anxiously back pitch: "Do not know the exact time of play back made me nervous. I really miss the game. I believe the fans also common sense to me. Hopefully the decision will be made as soon as possible ". Currently, Brazil's Neymar is in his hometown to avoid service.