During the pandemic Covid-19 outbreak in England, Jack Grealish is one of the biggest names are ringing. However, the English players were not mentioned in the way desired. Aston Villa club captain evasion and restraining orders, partying, drunk driving accidents and continuous image and then be disparaged up the report.

Quality goose Manchester United legend Roy Keane's, Grealish good value £ 80 million?
Manchester United target Jack Grealish (Image Source: Internet)

Manchester United target Jack Grealish

After hiding isolated accident, Jack Grealish become the focus of all the criticism. According to the journalist Chris Wheeler, Jack's future - especially the move to Manchester United, so at risk to waste tank. Earlier, the Old Trafford team is expected to spend about 80 million pounds (about 2.320 billion) to recruit British players.

The reason is because the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær concern that players have swaggering personality and bohemian like Jack Grealish could destroy efforts during the last year of his first and team coaching staff "Reds". By the Norwegian military rulers want to build a dressing room solidarity MU nature, attempt to transform Old Trafford into a family of players.

Mark who run away and not hit people run again, Jack Grealish then also know how to remove the gauze in the eyes of fans. Posted Forum players apologize for acting without thinking. Jack said he has conducted himself in accordance directive isolation. Timely apology can help her career Grealish turned a new page.

According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United are restarted Jack Grealish deal, which was assessed about 80 million pounds. Elite "Red" was particularly impressed with the way the players have played for Aston Villa shirt color in the 2019/20 season as well as the previous years.

This season, the 24 year old Englishman scored 7 goals, 5 of assists in the Premier League. On all fronts, his achievement is 9 goals and 7 of assists. According to statistics from Whoscored, Grealish're headed in the top five leagues in Europe the number was fouled in a game. Specifically, the Aston Villa midfielder was fouled average 4.9 times / match, superstar Neymar than PSG (4.1 times / match).

Besides, Jack Grealish also reminiscent of Roy Keane - player has an illustrious career but also annoyance at Old Trafford in the past. They are human beings full of personality and faced many scandals. If Keane is known for a bad temper, quarrelsome and disruptive, the swaggering Grealish also no less.

Quality goose Manchester United legend Roy Keane's, Grealish good value £ 80 million?
Solskjaer coach Roy Keane knows the value of Manchester United (Picture source: Internet)

Solskjaer coach Roy Keane knows the value of Manchester United

Just like Roy Keane before, Jack Grealish possesses innate leadership qualities, which are lacking at the moment Manchester United today. Solskjaer coach in need of a star has just qualified again had strong personality to lead the new generation of MU group. In many ways, he could be one of their new Roy Keane.

In the past, coach Solskjaer years alongside Roy Keane. Therefore, the Norwegian military rulers who more than anyone else, understand the value that "Keano" can bring "Reds" in the success of this team. And that is why he accepted the controversial man Jack Grealish.