Premier League back to the audience with the movements of the ring 4 and the focus of the tournament will be against Manchester United and Tottenham financial comparison between at Old Trafford on Sunday night at 22h30. But besides grave tone will await the surprise that Leeds United & Aston Villa can bring to Man City & Liverpool performed admirably for Chelsea after screen "dead loss" round before and the ability to fly high of Leicester & Everton.

Mourinho's new weapon

Confrontation United - Tottenham came at a time that is difficult to predict who wins due to their performance, all at his spluttering. MU has exits before Brighton quite lucky while Tottenham previous rounds were held in a rather tragic because controversy surrounding the penalty the last match of Newcastle, but in return, both teams are in good form at the front trophy which wins Spurs advantage over Chelsea in the League Cup and made headlines.

Put down, predict within 4 Premier League: Manchester United play Tottenham, Man City & Liverpool meet unexpected?
Harry Kane is on the threshold very high style match Manchester United - Tottenham (Image Source: Internet)

Harry Kane is on the threshold very high style match Manchester United - Tottenham

Harry Kane is very high style with 6 goals and 7 is generated in all competitions from the start of the tournament, and though Spurs do not have Gareth Bale but if Son Heung-Min can play, attacking Spurs promises shot MU in the context of the following line of "Reds" extremely bad play. The party line, Bruno Fernandes performed admirably for MU partly help maintain stability at the stage scoring and rookie Donny van de Beek has shown well in each of appearances from the bench.

This match Tottenham will almost certainly have rookie Sergio Reguilon at left-back, who has made mistakes in goal Timo Werner but compensated with a show brilliance and tectonic equalizer Erik Lamela. Reguilon speed & endurance will be a threat formidable for MU and if Mason Greenwood can not win fullbacks are Real Training, MU will regret not decisive in the purchase of a winger right.

Surprise awaits candidates Championships

Aston Villa are unbeaten sixth consecutive round in the Premier League last season thanks count from Grealish high style and McGinn, but coach Dean Smith this weekend also added Ross Barkley on loan from Chelsea. Liverpool are flying high after last season's win over Arsenal but Villa has caused a lot of difficulty for them, and now the home side also reinforcements.

Pep Guardiola about to see Marcelo Bielsa acquaintances in a contrasting context. They are very similar in philosophy but if Guardiola is somewhat difficult to rekindle the momentum of the stars under, Bielsa left with the students enjoy beautiful start with two consecutive victories. Leeds will be a difficult problem for both the Premier League and if Liverpool struggled with this newly promoted team, Manchester City can.

People will first try to confront each other in the Premier League

Chelsea have not reached a candidate's performance champion while still many problems to be solved in front defense. Thiago Silva made his debut with little success before West Brom 3 goal, but Crystal Palace is about to bring to Stamford Bridge two experts to the most foul ball last season as Zaha & Ayew. Will be a gray picture if he waited Frank Lampard to the rescue, thanks to the defense.

Saturday afternoon at Goodison Park will be the afternoon of the people of Colombia. Everton target James Rodriguez at the top, but in front of him will be Steven Alzate of Brighton, they are no stranger to each other when the injuries James is why Colombia Tel Alzate was released last year. Not only florid as James, Alzate also be forged from steel of the games in League Two and he hopes his name will stand out if winning the famous compatriot.

Leicester and West Ham last week with big wins but lost to West Ham in the race Leicester midfielder Wesley Fofana. The defender West Ham are about to face a series of offensive players the risks and benefits of Leicester as Maddison, Barnes and especially Vardy, but Michail Antonio're causing imprint for West Ham after chance to England in recent session convened.