Carlos Tevez's representative, "super brokers" Kia Joorabchian has criticized Gary Neville commented on mistakes for his client. Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville said the Argentine striker who used to express very bad attitude and that is why this player to leave Old Trafford. However, Tevez's representatives say the complete opposite.

Public criticism MU Tevez god,
Gary Neville repeatedly inhibited with the attitude of Tevez (Image Source: Internet)

Gary Neville repeatedly inhibited with the attitude of Tevez

Earlier, in a program of radio commentator SkySports, Gary Neville has accused striker Carlos Tevez is unprofessional and extremely careless attitude. "What makes me angry about Tevez is that he has lost form and professionalism even in Season 2 at Manchester United. I feel disappointed because of that, he is a professional player and that's what should not happen "- Gary Neville said.

In contrast, according to Kia Joorabchian, Tevez is his client was extremely professional in the last year playing football at Manchester United. The striker after a significant contribution to the success of Manchester United in the Premier League and Champions League was abandoned and had to go looking for new parking facilities.

"Absolutely not, he has yearned for the game. He scored 15 goals last 7 road is created then, that's great achievements. Tevez is ready to review the matches that he missed because of injury. I think the professionalism that Gary Neville mention should be reserved for himself. he did not know anything about Tevez or a reporter that told him this story "- the University Tevez reacts sharply pole area.

"He never calls to ask Tevez, do not ask me or anyone else about what happened in the past but still comments from time to time. By pointing out mistakes of others, he led the players were crucified with bad image, despite the fact they won the double or triple the number of the title he ever won "- Kia Joorabchian ironic Gary Neville.

Public criticism MU Tevez god,
Tevez controversial joining Manchester City from Manchester United (Picture source: Internet)

Tevez controversial joining Manchester City from Manchester United

"Tevez has won titles in all competitions that he participated, he was nominated for player of the year in South America more than any other player in history, and now, at age 34 he scored the decisive help Boca Juniors throne again. generally Gary Neville has no ethics. he did not have precise information but still comment on every player. Manchester United has no choice Tevez because they think has a better alternative name, simple as that "-" super "concluded.

Carlos Tevez move to Manchester United in 2007 and scored a total 34 goals. After 2 seasons jacket "Reds" Argentina striker who has unexpectedly joined city rivals Manchester City. This is why he became a "thorn" in the eyes of Manchester United fans.