Review replays Di Maria spitting at an opponent:

Earlier in the season, match between Marseille and super classic PSG became the "stain" of French football. The final minutes, the screen altercation that took place respectively 5 players were disqualified. In it, the star Neymar also costly red card replaced Alvaro Gonzalez clobbered behavior.

PSG trembling: Well defined Di Maria spitting match 5 red cards, organize field heavy penalties
Radio Telefoot snapped back ugly moments of Di Maria (Image Source: Internet)

Radio Telefoot snapped back ugly moments of Di Maria

It is worth mentioning, Alvaro also involved allegations of racism with Neymar to use the word "monkey" (map monkey). Meanwhile, Marseille André Villas-Boas has defended Alvaro, and that Di Maria was spitting in his pupils in the 1st half.

This is the situation the referee Alvaro Gonzalez request using VAR to review the situation, but fortunately for Di Maria is not clear angle should he not receive any punishment.

Earlier, the Technical Director of the department referee Pascal Garibian explained after the game that VARs have not found a captcha to the behavior of the Argentine players.

However, with the emergence of new footage, Ligue 1 disciplinary committee is likely to fully review the situation and Di Maria could face punishment forbidden to play 6 games.

With provisions to prevent strict Covid-19 Ligue I, acts of spitting is a very serious error. Previously, Di Maria is one of many positive PSG player Covid-19 should probably be still heavier punishment.