The future of midfielder Sergio Ramos captain at Real Madrid are becoming vague about when he will end the contract with the club in the summer of 2021. While the two sides have not reached an agreement yet renewed, Paris Saint-Germain have jumped on and extend an invitation for veterans 34 years.

PSG salary officially invited Ramos 20 million euros / year,
Sergio Ramos will get a raise if joined PSG (Image Source: Internet)

Sergio Ramos will get a raise if you join PSG

A formal proposal from the PSG has been sent to yesterday 16/11, both major sports newspapers Marca and AS in Madrid. According to Marca, Ramos PSG want to pay wages to around 20 million euros / year over a 3-year contract, so wages will be higher PSG Ramos at Real to 8 million euros per year.

This will be an event that made headlines by though elderly, Ramos is still the "cornerstone" of defense Real Madrid and Tel Spain although Real had taken the midfielder is more to expect next keep him. Ramos joined Real Madrid from 2005 and is one of the greatest players of the club, but at the present time he has been classified as old players, but Real do not want to keep long term.

Real the years has extended the policy only 1 year older players, tutoring clause allowing the club to be arbitrarily extended by five if satisfied. It is recommended for Real's Ramos, 1-year contract option included increased 2 years, while PSG invited him to 3 years.

Salary, wage cuts because Real are Covid-19 and renovated stadium, while PSG are willing to give you a raise.

Although Ramos is still preferred to stay in Madrid, but the suggestions given PSG is definitely more generous and he can be accepted. In 16/11, president Florentino Perez said about all this in an interview for the radio sports program El Larguero, before the Ramos will be the reporter asked about the future while meeting the eve match report Spain - Germany in the UEFA Nations League.