PSG has repeatedly was the victim of the classic retrograde display in the Champions League. 03/09/2017 day the Nou Camp, the Paris team lost 1-6 carpet, though seemingly've mastered the ticket to the semifinals of the tournament.

PSG - Neymar upstream C1 Cup as MU: Opportunities eat more brilliant Barca 7 2009
Marquinhos (leftmost) helps PSG equalized in minute 90 (Image Source: Internet)

Marquinhos (leftmost) helps PSG equalized in minute 90

And just last season alone, the French champions to MU retrograde also crazy, in a match that coach Thomas Tuchel key also did not understand why his team lost 1-3, even 2-0 right at Old Trafford. Say to that, PSG victory before Atalanta - at least with the main team, how brave.

Just 149 seconds of injury time choking, PSG have instant 2 goals against Atalanta. Remember, the representative of Italy desks 26 minutes, and maintained the advantage to 89 minutes when Neymar is only to give up public Marquinhos in the 90th minute, the resurrection of Paris began. And it completed in just 149 seconds later, the situation of Choupo-Moting fixed.

Now PSG were arrogant presence in the Champions League semifinals. France champion awaited his next opponent, that team will win the pair of RB Leipzig - Atletico Madrid. Basically, either Leipzig or Atletico, PSG are evaluated bit more. And the ability to 2019/20 Champions League final was really open to champions France.

PSG kick to Lisbon Champions League with baggage 4 trophy. It's Super Cup France, Ligue 1, French League Cup French National Cup. They are the "rich" at least this season. Remember, in addition to PSG, not any team in the top five European leagues to win the second trophy 2019/20 domestic season.

Except championship Ligue 1 handed straight in stages outbreak earlier this year, in less than one month, the team of the rich into Paris could gain 2 crown League Cup and National Cup to fourth in 7 years won all 4 titles in domestic hexagonal country in a season.

More than ever, PSG really needs crowned in the prestigious Champions League arena. That is the goal of this team in a half-century anniversary of the establishment most valuable gift that is sure to be "fast 5 divine" unprecedented village French ball.

PSG - Neymar upstream C1 Cup as MU: Opportunities eat more brilliant Barca 7 2009
PSG have the opportunity to make a crazy season (Image Source: Internet)

PSG have the opportunity to make a crazy season

If conquered the Champions League this season, PSG have the opportunity to make a great season than Barcelona 2008/09 - the season mark of coach Pep Guardiola and Lionel Messi superstar. In the 2008/09 season, Barca did not attend the Spanish Super Cup by only about 3 La Liga and Cup semi-final stop King 2007/08. They also do not have League Cup, so basically the maximum number of outages could PSG won more than Barca 2008/09.

If traveling as a roadmap that Barca went, PSG can win two more titles to add to eat 7 utopian goal. In case of Champions League 2019/20 championship, PSG will also match the European Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup participants as European champions. That will be the motivation for Neymar, Mbappe and teammates towards.