PSG - Leipzig match

With a squad consisting of a lot of good players and home yard advantages, PSG immediately drove attacks after the opening whistle. 8 minutes in the 8th minute, Di Maria was fouled by Sabitzer in the penalty area and on 11m, Neymar didn't make any mistakes even if Gulacsi had guessed the right direction of the Brazilian star.

PSG - Leipzig: Neymar scores, dramatic competition (C1 cup football results)
Neymar scores only on 11m dots (Photo source: Internet)

Neymar scores only on 11m dots

Having early goals of PSG did not create a match against a Leipzig to be more scientifically organized. 12 minutes, Leipzig created two suspension situations into danger, but Navas played awake and successfully resolved. Meanwhile, Mbappe and Neymar have a rare connection balloon in the whole game in the 15th minute, ending with the situation of hooking the ball out of the young French star.

In the 38th minute, Navas once again had to decline after a cannon from outside the penalty area. As a team despite attacking the rush but inefficient and the Chu in the balls decided and did not have what he needed.

At the beginning of the second half, the PSG fans were given a soul when Poulsen finished close to the vertical column in the past, when the PSG defense was wrong with him. By 58 minutes, Mbappe also had a chance to defend closely, but his MU shot put the ball over.

Leipzig then launched Justin Kluivert into the yard but their attacks were not improved, especially the opportunity costs. Unable to tear the PSG net, Leipzig suffered from failure and let the opponent himself graded by the score.

General: PSG 1-0 Leipzig (1: 1-0)


PSG: Neymar 11 '(Pen)


PSG: Navas, Florenzi, Diallo, Marquinhos, Bakker, Ander Herrera, Danilo Pereira, Paredes, Di Maria, Neymar, Mbappe.

Leipzig: Gulacsi, Mukiele, Konate, Upamecano, Angelino, Sabitzer, Haidara, Nkunku, Forsberg, Daniel Olmo, Poulsen.