Di Maria in the game is the rock from the beginning had a performance at high level, many newspapers after scoring 10 matches. Former Manchester United star had 1 goal and 2 assist PSG tectonic pass the "dark horse" Leipzig 3-0 and book a place in the final 1 C1 Cup this season.

PSG destroy Leipzig, hero Di Maria said haughtily teasing opponents
Di Maria and Neymar celebrating a goal (Image Source: Internet)

Di Maria and Neymar goal celebration

Speaking after the match, the Argentine star has said very confident but also somewhat arrogant when easily crush rival Leipzig 3 goals without reply. Interview on RMC Sport newspaper, Di Maria said: "We have swallowed them right from the first minute. Before the game, the chances are 50-50 split for each team. But when in the PSG was able strength and makes Leipzig became weak. We played with 100% ability and this is the first game or the whole team. "

This is the first time PSG win tickets to play first Cup final C1, it could not make Di Maria is excited: "The players are happy. This is the first time the club. We've worked hard, earned good results and now have a great opportunity to make history for the team. the dream was about to come true and we will do our best to make that (championship trophy C1 ) reality."

According Squawka, all indicators of Di Maria against Leipzig perfect. He successfully implemented 100% shots on goal (2/2); 100% through successful people (4/4); created five chances to score while 3 scoring; notably 2 is created for Marquinhos - Bernat merits, and himself scored after 42 minutes.

High style of Di Maria, combined with the level of inherent Neymar - Mbappe help PSG owns the trio attacked or Europe's most current, enough to challenge opponents in the finals even if Bayern and Lyon .