Neymar's injury in the match against Lyon

During the recent Lyon 0-1 loss of PSG, Neymar had injured after the silhouette of Thiago Mendes. In this situation, Neymar slipped through two Lyon players from the left borders to the middle. When the third player was Mendes hit, Neymar pushed the ball over. Mendes into the ball with two-feet of scissor style, from the left Neymar. Mendes entered the ball, his legs wrapped in the left leg Neymar.

PSG breathed because of Neymar's injury, can I return to Barca back?
The ball causes injury of Neymar (Photo source: Internet)

The ball causes Neymar's injury

Neymar's neck was broken, making PSG star fall. Neymar cried in pain, smashing his hand to the ground. Neymar's cries echoed throughout the field. When the doctors went to the care yard, the 28-year-old striker did not stop crying. After about three minutes, Neymar left the yard with a dedicated stretcher.

According to InjuryMechanisms, Neymar showed signs of ligament of fruit eye ligaments, and could affect the knee. Even so, after checking carefully, PSG doctors have eliminated the risk of a broken bone. Striker No. 10 only sprained fish eyes. "After Neymar was twly the fish ankle in the match against Lyon, medical exams brought peace of mind. The club will check out for the next 48 hours," PSG posted the notice on the homepage.

Although it is a fish-eye sprain, it seems that Neymar will not go back to the yard in 2020, according to the source from L'Equipe. The French newspaper said Neymar may have to sit outside for about 3 weeks and can only return on January 13, 2021. The exact information will be available after the upcoming check on Wednesday 16/12.

According to the draw results, PSG will meet Barca in the first round of Champions League. The opportunity for Neymar to confront the old Barca and his dear teammate Lionel Messi is very bright, when this confrontation until mid-February 2021 takes place.

Sharing about injury, Neymar said: "Everything might have become worse, but again, the Lord saved me from something serious. Now I just want to recover to come back Soon as possible ". He also expressed his crying because he was afraid of poor injury memories in the past, with "surgery, crutches and pain".

Meanwhile, after witnessing his son with injury, Neymar's father was pressing and written on his personal page: "How long will this last? We talked about it, as well as emphasizing To excessive violence. Why not stop right after the first minute, with the first phase, why must I wait until the 7th, 8th or 9th error? We do not perform defense defense Needed throughout the battle, where Neymar was frequently fenile. Those are violent balls. "