Already long ago, it was found starting PSG Ligue 1 so bad. They lost the first two matches and only win in the match offset within 1 to Metz. In fact, if Julian Draxler unlucky ranked bouncing ball out, then perhaps the Paris team will not win his lifting up the chain figure 3.

PSG as
Neymar red card and was suspended for at least 2 matches (can be increased to 3) (Image Source: Internet)

Neymar red card and was suspended for at least 2 matches (can be increased to 3)

It seems that the French team is starting to figure out how to harness the "unmatched" PSG. These are the cards himself. Only after three matches, the home side yard "Princes Park" to get to 4 red cards (highest award) and 7 yellow cards. They owned much of Tuesday booked league only Marseille and Rennes poor (12 cards).

Most of the PSG penalty card from the action to react or retaliate rivals on the pitch. Even superstars like Neymar did not keep floating calm and suspended after the match against Marseille. Brazilian striker has sentenced two match ban competitions and one game will add if booked in subsequent appearances. Themselves with this type of card received, PSG can fall into is not enough people to the courtyard in Ligue 1.

The regular retaliatory opponent right on the field shows that the discipline of the PSG players not good. Coach Thomas Tuchel not used to "treat" the hard way why he PSG. Actually, this is not something new when he consecutively proved "helpless" before the fun throughout the night by Neymar and his accomplices.

RMC radio recently revealed some players PSG even mean "despise" a German teacher. The source of this radio described the atmosphere in the dressing room after the defeat of Marseille PSG extremely tragic. Some players have questioned the coaching ability of Thomas Tuchel.

They feel the lack of midfield creativity and directing Tuchel one thing is "looking Neymar and pass the ball to him." German teacher was known for skillful but now the players are their main suspect. That is not a pleasant thing.

In addition, some players said Tuchel "Icardi not know how to use." The Argentine was officially transferred to play for PSG but not being used. Competitions full 90 minutes in the match against Metz but Icardi did not leave much impression.