Some of Aubameyang goal in an Arsenal shirt

Premier League top scorer 2018/19 - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang not intend to renew his contract with Arsenal. The same thing with Edinson Cavani at PSG. Even Cavani is out of contract with PSG after 30/6 days to come, there is only 1 year Aubameyang.

PSG - Arsenal trigger
Aubameyang is in the sights of PSG (Image Source: Internet)

Aubameyang is in the sights of PSG

Basically both Cavani and Aubameyang, one way or another way will change current club in summer 2020 fair here. And surprises, according to the Daily Mail, the two strikers is likely to switch sides. PSG intends to buyout Aubameyang, while Cavani to replace the contract for free.

According to the source, PSG has approached Arsenal to put the issue to buy Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, in summer 2020 transfer window according to the British press, PSG evaluation Aubameyang is an important factor to complement the season 2020 / 21.

PSG confirm farewell Edinson Cavani, after the two sides out of contract. Paris team also refused to make provision acquired from Inter Mauro Icardi, after the loan period. The time champion France is convinced Inter Icardi discount sale. Thus, Leonardo's sporting director expedite the process of negotiations to buy Aubameyang.

Aubameyang - who turns 31 after a month, had experience playing in France. Gabon striker mature from academy of French club. He also has five years of playing in Ligue 1. Entering the final stage career to PSG should Aubameyang want to be playing in the Champions League.

The prospect Edinson Cavani will bid farewell to the team at the end of this season, while Mauro Icardi back to Inter after the expiration of his loan, BLD PSG are planning to recruit striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal, who only deal with "Gunners" to London to May 6/2021.

Le10Sport French newspaper reported that PSG are willing to spend 30 million pounds to persuade Arsenal Aubameyang release. This is also a transfer fee that the "Gunners" London wants for players only 1 year of his contract. Arsenal is said to be willing to sell Aubameyang, provided not for an English team.

PSG - Arsenal trigger
Cavani and Aubameyang may switch sides after summer 2020 (Image Source: Internet)

Cavani and Aubameyang may switch sides after the summer 2020

Current Arsenal are trying to persuade to extend the contract Aubameyang. In case Aubameyang refused, forcing the North London team to come to a decision soon sell the right players in the summer transfer window in order to avoid possible lost in 2021.

Unclear negotiations between stakeholders like. However, with the PSG are willing to play to bring about golf Aubameyang Princes Park, make sure Arsenal will have to consider.

In case Aubameyang to PSG, Arsenal will try to sign a contract with Cavani. The Uruguay striker has the right to negotiate with any partner right from this moment. Therefore, if you receive an offer attractive enough from the "Gunners", Cavani will hardly refuse.

This acquisition once completed will be effective for all 4 sides. Arsenal earned 30 million pounds and still be replaced Cavani, PSG has a leading place in attack, while two players were found satisfactory berth for himself.