PSG lost 0-1 against Bayern Munich in the 2019/20 Champions League final. Kingsley Coman player scored the only goal of the game with a header after a cross from cold Joshua Kimmich. Thus, the Paris team still have to wait at least another year for a chance Coronation Cup C1.

PSG and Bayern lost unfairly penalty C1 Cup final referee remiss?
Coman situation affected the penalty PSG (Image Source: Internet)

Coman situation affected the penalty PSG

Back to the game, Daniele Italian referee whistles Orsato held quite exemplary. Most of these situations are "black king" very good handling. However, controversial situations still occur.

2nd stoppage of the 1st half, blow away the ball Coman has determined the left corner. Before the speed of Coman, Thilo KEHRER still trying to cling all the way and then the French star fell within 16m50.

Immediately, members of Bayern Munich reacts and turns out pending the decision of the referee blows Daniele Orsato 11m. However, he did not cut Orsato whistle. Even this arbitration should not refer VAR technology to make the decision.

PSG and Bayern lost unfairly penalty C1 Cup final referee remiss?
Mbappe be Kimmich tackle inside the area (Image Source: Internet)

Mbappe be Kimmich tackle in the penalty

Then came the 74 minute, when PSG were ahead, Kylian Mbappe effort go ball in the penalty Kimmich Bayern and have an impact on the number 7 of PSG. French striker wants a penalty kick, but he Orsato say no. Situations drift too fast and organized VAR no intervention later.

Meanwhile, replays showed Kimmich has had an impact on the rear of Mbappe before touching the ball. Many of the experts believe that this is a situation PSG deserved penalty.

Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand to express their views. "If PSG have been awarded a penalty there is nothing to debate." Former teammate, Owen agrees Hagreaves when commenting. "Please note. The referee was very close and he had seen was supposed to kick Kimmich Mbappe heels. That should be a penalty. "

Many fans criticized arbitration as well as organizations in this situation VAR on social networks

Former referee also gave Peter Walton their views. "It was a decision on the pitch must be made quickly. We better position to analyze the situation. Originally, I also said that it was not so blown penalty situations but I changed perspective when reviewing replays ".

If you have been awarded a penalty, PSG is likely to have the score and the next evolution of the game will be very unpredictable. Because of this, many PSG fans were extremely angry with the referee, as well as organizations operating VAR Champions League finals.

"Why it is not a penalty for Mbappe and PSG. The VAR working too irresponsible. It's unbelievable." One other fans comment. "How the hell is that organizations do not realize Mbappe VAR foul? That is a situation blows penalty".