Greenwood scored in both legs in the game against Bournemouth (copyright K +)

Greenwood joined teammates at Manchester United flew to Germany to prepare for the match in the Europa League quarter-finals against FC Copenhagen. In a recent interview, young talents of "Reds" has revealed the motivation helped him forge these days at the club's academy.

Greenwood has a close relationship with many stars MU (Image Source: Internet)

Greenwood has a close relationship with many stars MU

Confided to The Sun, Greenwood said: "When I was younger, I used to look at Marcus (Rashford), Jesse (Lingard), Scott (McTominay), and all the people who got into an MU team. So I think, if they do, I can do it. They give you a beautiful walkway and open toward one side.

They are a model for me since young age, I admire them play and now I'm playing alongside them. That's what every boy at the academy wanted to do - to the first team and become a regular player at MU soccer. That's the best thing that you can do in this team. "

In the 3 names that Greenwood raised, only the stone Rashford is being regularly for Manchester United, while continuing to play or next to Anthony Martial. Meanwhile, McTominay only considered contingency plans in place to Nemanja Matic midfield interception. Lingard also fallen a lot and is likely to go away in the summer of this year.

The only goal for MU Lingard scored in the Premier League in 2019/20 took place in round 38 match against Leicester, when "14" advantage of the negligence of goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel to establish the winner of 2 -0 for MU. Should know, the last time Lingard accented shoes in another goal in United's Premier League is dated 12/27/2018. Meanwhile, he has shot is giving Paul Pogba scored in the 3-1 victory of the "Reds" over Huddersfield.