Witnessed great performances of Jadon Sancho, not only of the MU fans went wild, but to even the leadership team also fascinated young British talent. Day by day, the information transfer is the link between "Reds" and Sancho appeared with interest denser week.

Sancho has many similarities Rooney (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho has many similarities Rooney

But according to the disclosure from the Mirror, Manchester United may have to delay the deal until 2021 due to financial difficulties by (approximately 100 million pounds), or from the stop of Borussia Dortmund. However, if the red half of Manchester pursue this deal came along, they may hope success will come like Wayne Rooney previous case.

"He Sherk" properly joined United from Everton on the final day of the summer transfer window of 2004 with a record price of 27 million pounds. At the age of 18, He Shrek becoming the most expensive teenage world that time. Immediately debut in "Reds", he had the same hat-trick of assists, helping Manchester United beat Fenerbahce 6-2 in the Champions League.

So imagine young Rooney will cost how much, while Jadon Sancho also being valued 100 million pounds. And like the seniors, Sancho also been repeatedly called a "prodigy" in the land of England.

More specifically, why Dortmund had established himself as a fan of Wayne Rooney from the baby. Young British midfielder said. "The player that I watched when I was a child it? Surely it was Rooney. Of course he was, because what is at MU Rooney doing too great. Even from Everton debut, he has excelled. Rooney too good for everyone at that age. "

Perhaps because fans 10 "Reds" one time, should not exclude the possibility Sancho will arrive "Theater of Dreams". So if MU knows seize this opportunity, they will be no different recruited "Rooney 2.0" and promises can open new page in the future.

This is the form winger almighty can help United to solve the offensive capability at wide margin, a name capable of stirring defense opponents play technique, dribbling virtuosity and speed extremely high. All of them deserve to be described by two words "genius".

In the Bundesliga this season, Sancho has scored 14 goals and implementation phase 15 is generated. With class has been confirmed, MU is naturally very interested to Sancho. Of course, the biggest problem is now Manchester United have been brave enough to detonate the "blockbuster" in the transfer market.