Zinedine Zidane teachers and coaches have experienced a tough match on the field of battle in the first leg 2nd Monchengladbach Champions League. Surprise to the home team the lead 2 goals, but Real Madrid by class and high determination had consecutive two equalize within about 8 minutes remaining.

Press marveled at Real, called
Marca victories excitement with Real (Image Source: Internet)

Marca victories excitement with Real

Appreciated the efforts of Real Madrid, a series of newspaper headlines celebrity with praise for Zidane's teachers and students. 2 newspapers Marca and AS Friendly Real including all very excited about the results that Real Madrid won in 90 minutes + 3.

Marca gave top headlines: "A major hit 93 minutes." In the article in the page is small headline: "One other wonders of Madrid in the Champions League". The article mentions the trophy that Real have done in the past, and confirmed by Casemiro goal in the 90th minute through Monchengladbach + 3 is one of the memorable moments of this team.

Press marveled at Real, called
Real equalized reason help is an AS mentioned in his article (Image Source: Internet)

Real equalized reason help is an AS mentioned in his article

AS newspaper also share the view that Real had spectacular escape but details when confirming "Confidence has help Real Madrid". Author Luis Nieto has pointed out that the style of play and the coach Zidane who helped the team to use the Spanish royal family returned from the dead. In other words, the French strategists have placed their trust completely accurate at the stars on the field to keep the ball, as Benzema or Casemiro all.

Press marveled at Real, called
ESPN sheet appreciate "hero" Casemiro (Image Source: Internet)

ESPN sheet appreciate "hero" Casemiro

ESPN also re-affirmed sheets of Real Madrid draws huge marked by Casemiro. With the headline "Real Madrid have the following performances sublimation of Casemiro", the article pointed out that the high style of the midfield, especially Casemiro has helped Real Madrid get a late goal to close match with a 2-2 result.

Main Casemiro who is giving Benzema scored to make it 1-2, and then he was done playing off decisions about 1 point in the 3rd minute of injury time for Real. Clearly, though only 1 point and not a finish, but this will be a memorable match against Real when it contains too many emotions for the players as well as fans.