Negotiations lasted 1 hour and a half on the evening of 2/9 (now Spain) between representatives cum father of Lionel Messi - Jorge Horacio Messi and President Barcelona - Josep Maria Bartomeu has ended in major disappointment mutual future when the issue of "El Pulga" next season has yet to be determined.

Press demystify Messi - Man City: Claiming to leave Barca have success?
Messi helped his father could not be freed from Barca after a meeting with President Bartomeu at 2/9 (Image Source: Internet)

Messi helped his father could not be freed from Barca after a meeting with the President at 2/9 Bartomeu

In that meeting, in addition to the father of his brother Leo also the striker - Rodrigo, lawyer Jorge PECOURT from Cuatrecasas law firm and Barca sporting director - Mr. Javier Bordas. Spanish press revealed, both sides will set up at least one bilateral meeting to resolve major conflicts still exist between them.

Messi has spent the check tests Covid-19, as well as not attending the nearest 3 sessions with teammates at the training ground of Barca Ciudad de Esportiva under new coach Ronald Koeman.

According to the newspaper Sport (body Barca in the land of Catalunya), if the Messi still straining and Barca could not collect about € 700 million charge liberated's contract superstar before almost 1 year compared with maturities late June in 2021, president Bartomeu will sue M10. That would be an extremely sad outcome for affinity has lasted nearly 20 years stuffiness of the Argentine striker with "giant Origin Catalunya".

Daily Mundo Deportivo said, President Bartomeu has offered to Lionel Messi extended 2-year contract until 2023, but the announcement of the M10 - Mr. Jorge Horacio adamantly said: 'But if Leo does not want to stay in Barca right even if only the end of this year alone, my son will want to extend the contract like this? ".

After meeting with the President Bartomeu, when reporters asked about whether Man City have contact with Leo Messi to help him reunite coach Pep Guardiola or not, Mr. Jorge Horacio answered as implicit blame "blue half of Manchester "and strategist Spaniards too hesitant in this deal:

"I do not know anything about Manchester City at all. I have not talked with Pep Guardiola," Messi gushed father in The Sun. When asked about his son's future next season, he responded only briefly Jorge: "Difficult, really difficult!"

Man City and Pep Guardiola too hesitant in business Messi hunt

Defender to Manchester City - Joao Cancelo has recently dropped the word unsettled that if Messi to City, the striker 33 will achieve ambitious as standard: "Messi is a great player. In a team as Manchester City, where there are great players on the side, he will have a great season. "

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail revealed an unexpected detail. Accordingly, most of the pillars of Barcelona are keeping an attitude of "silence is golden" for the captain Messi sent a fax to the board demanding early departure before the maturity of the current contract, as well as the continuous drop of Recent sessions with the whole team.

This contrasts with a similar case of Neymar when the Brazilian striker bid farewell to the Camp Nou to join PSG transfer fee world record summer in 2017 was 222 million euros. Neymar at dock yard Park hosts the Prince to become the most expensive player in the last 3 years the planet, not a few pillars Barca, which has criticized "Little Pele".

Meanwhile, recently, the young midfielder's talents Barca - Frenkie de Jong said: "I'm certainly not the person to talk to Messi to convince him to stay. I'm sure a lot of people who talk to him then. "