After 30 years of weary waiting, coach Jürgen Klopp has helped Liverpool thirst with the Premier League title. "Red Brigade" acclamation before 7 rounds and the second over Man City to 18 points (99-81).

Premiership Top upcoming blockbuster
Champions Liverpool persuasion (Image Source: Internet)

Champions Liverpool persuasion

With fascinating new history, coach Jürgen Klopp is very confident in the current core will continue writing new material to record a new record in the 1 to 2 more seasons. Hence, Liverpool likely not need too hastily in the summer transfer window of 2020.

The evidence is that after the coronation, Liverpool has not announced any signings that instead they push away to Zenit Saint Petersburg Dejan Lovren, with Adam Lallana moved to Brighton together valuable contract for 3 years.

But though it looks "infantry estate projects," Liverpool certainly will operate non-stop to find out what new factors increase the depth of the team. After the coronation, Klopp has ever shared. "Perfect scenario for a football manager is that they are in the hands of 40 players and all are happy."

Latest Liverpool suddenly become the "enemy" in the business of Jadon Sancho MU. This is the number one transfer target this summer by United's coach Solskjaer to factors that may cause mutations to share the burden for Bruno Fernandes.

But according to the German press, new Liverpool is the preferred destination of the English players. The reason is because the former Manchester City player found Kop potentially help him over Premier League champions Manchester United, despite the army's coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær has just had a promotion dizziness and win tickets to the Champions League. As for Liverpool, coach Juergen Klopp admits Sancho wanted in the team, but the price of 110 million pounds Dortmund launched in the current context is too hard to accept.

Hence, Liverpool are targeting more goals possible. Can not consume too much budget but will still bring about maximum efficiency. A typical example is the Bayern Munich Thiago Alcântara.

Initially "Bayern" demanding £ 36 million for the midfielder, 29 - who is only 1 year contract and stated a desire to seek a new challenge. However Liverpool just want to pay 22.6 million pounds for the Spanish players.

From the past several seasons, the level of Thiago was confirmed in Bavaria. He is a smart player, creativity, and this is considered appropriate links with Liverpool's midfield. And if coach Jürgen Klopp really need a central midfielder again, the Kop is likely to put his money on Anfield.

Premiership Top upcoming blockbuster
Sancho between 2 fork (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho between 2 fork

Meanwhile in defense, Liverpool is urgently looking for a midfielder to replace Dejan Lovren. The name that new king Premiership target is young midfielder Lloyd Kelly of Bournemouth. 21 year old defender possesses ideal height (1m91) and had 8 games played in the highest league of origin fog.

Not stop here, the British media also revealed Liverpool are also closely monitoring the young stars are playing in the Bundesliga. This shows not only coach Jürgen Klopp wants to create short-term success, but he was always looking towards the future. And this will be the basis for Liverpool firmly continue pioneering in league England.