Due to the impact of translation Covid-19, the top European league just ended (even more Serie A Round 2). However, that does not affect the transaction on the transfer market. Chelsea is the team's "fast hands" when there were two signings named Ziyech and Werner.

Premiership Top upcoming blockbuster
Many believe that Sancho was very close to the MU (Image Source: Internet)

Many believe that Sancho was very close to MU

Compared to the other teams, Manchester United is the best team there have been rumors but no successful business. The name associated with the "Reds" since March until now is Jadon Sancho. Press reported even England midfielder has reached an agreement with individual home side at Old Trafford.

However, according to latest information, the deal may forever just rumors. The Daily Mail reported that Manchester United will never agree that the price of 110 million pounds to catch Dortmund launched Sancho "the palace".

Although the income of "Reds" will increase quite a bit after this team won the right to attend the Champions League and will increase further if teachers and students Cola Championship Europa League, but this is not the time for business deals "foolhardy".

Half that amount, Chelsea and Bayern Munich had Werner attack an act of Leroy Sane. Compared with the above two names, Sancho has enough raw talent to MU have to spend twice as much money?

Besides Sancho, Jack Grealish was "struck" by the price of 80 million pounds that Aston Villa made. Ole Gunnar Solskjær is evident point that he can spend more money but should be considered a certainty.

Premiership Top upcoming blockbuster
MU back with business Lazio Savic Milinkovic (Image Source: Internet)

MU back with business Lazio Savic Milinkovic

Ignore Grealish, Italian press revealed Manchester United are looking to return to the negotiating table Milinkovic-Savic Sergej deal. The Serbian midfielder is the goal of "Reds" two seasons ago but Lazio "screaming value" amounted to 100 million euros should the deal is aborted.

According to Foot Mercato, negotiations resumed starting last week. MU hopes money can be used together with one or two players in this deal. Ole Gunnar Solskjær wanted skeleton midfielder Pogba - Fernandes - Milinkovic-Savic main stone while Matic same McTominay the contingency plans.

Compared with two years ago, the price fell more Milinkovic-Savic (70 million euros versus 90 million euros) but the contract to 2024 with Lazio will be obstacles in the deal. Lazio won the right capabilities for the Champions League next season is very large team into Rome would not let her leave pillars easily.

In another dimension, MU welcomed the news Inter Milan intends to buyout Alexis Sánchez. Chile striker showed top form since football reboot. Nearest ten appearances, 3 goals and 7 Sanchez has tectonic Inter Milan. Chile striker seems to have rediscovered sense of play.