MU was deprived situations VAR 11m kick in the match against Tottenham:

Before the Premiership was delayed by translation Covid-19, MU employees spiraling charts the turn beat Chelsea and Manchester City. Meanwhile, teachers Solskjaer also holds record 11 games unbeaten in all competitions and scored 29 goals.

Premiership standings remaining 8 laps: MU need many points to the Top 4?
Almost beat Tottenham MU (Image Source: Internet)

Almost beat Tottenham MU

Until the return of the season, Manchester United continue to raise up numbers unbeaten 12. However, Spurs draw Chelsea are making them leave with a distance of 5 points in the race for the Top 4.

Considering a fact, if it wants to catch up with Chelsea, Manchester United need chiu every opportunity and hope Lampard Army mistakes in the next round.

From now until the end of the season will be 8 rounds again, equivalent funds is point 24. With the critical nature and the need to gain maximum points, if victorious 8 games, MU will be rounded 70 points at the end season and potentially very high finish in fourth place overall.

Fortunately, teachers Cola will no longer have to compete with any team in the group "Big Six" and only encounter with rivals lightweight mostly in the last group standings as Aston Villa, West Ham , Southampton ... perhaps the major rival of Manchester United is Leicester but only two teams met in round 38.

But clearly won 24 points / 8 games is a task extremely difficult, because Manchester United will face many names are in the danger area and they are ready to do everything to avoid relegation.

Not to mention Chelsea in the final stages of the season can also accumulate similar scores. Lampard, though still 2 game master battle with Manchester City and Liverpool, but this is the best the team has two goals to grasp the leading position.

Say to see, MU lost autonomy after Tottenham draw. By Chelsea have added 3 points, they were officially "holding shank" in the race for the Top 4. And when the season has entered the most intense period, Chelsea certainly do not want to make mistakes in the remaining rounds again.

Premiership standings remaining 8 laps: MU need many points to the Top 4?
Solskjaer having the race Top 4 (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer having the race Top 4

That means, MU will need more than a "miracle" to the top four this season. 8 rounds totally can happen any public event and if coach Solskjaer opportunity chiu know, miracles can still go.

Or if not, the dream Champions League next season could still open other doors in the tournament Europa League back in August here. This time, Manchester United remains the best candidates for the championship despite Inter Milan or Sevilla are the potential opponents.