Gareth Bale was preparing to leave Real Madrid, it is almost certain at the present time. Spanish journalist, Alvaro Montero said Welsh striker isolated itself from the rest of the home side Bernabeu. This player has the 8th consecutive day in the gym itself and not step out the field even once.

Premiership shake: Bale agrees to return to Tottenham, Mourinho said?
Gareth Bale is between Manchester United and Tottenham selection (Image Source: Internet)

Gareth Bale is between Manchester United and Tottenham choice

15/9, Real Madrid against Getafe and practice match 6-0 but Gareth Bale left the training area when the match takes place is 30 minutes. Wales striker did not confront the coach Zidane since returning to the team from the UEFA Nations League.

The question is posed as the new destination of Gareth Bale is located? A few days ago, MU is considered to be the ideal destination of Welsh midfielder but the British press and Spanish simultaneously reported new Tottenham's Bale choice.

Daily Mail confirmed Bale has reached an agreement to join the private North London team under one loan contract with a term of 1 year, with a cost of around 13 million pounds / year. The contract hit Premier League is expected to officially announce in the next few hours.

In a recent press conference, Jose Mourinho did not hesitate to reveal himself as a "hard fan" of Gareth Bale from Real Madrid when he was leading: "I tried to recruit Gareth Bale when he was coach of Real Madrid. That time, I did not succeed but the president Perez has used the data I provide to recruit him later.

It is not secret. Gareth Bale even know it, but for now, I will not talk about him because Bale is still a Real Madrid player. " This is considered the unofficial invitation Mourinho sent to the Wales striker and Bale's agent, Jonathan Barnett quickly "responded" in an interview on Sky Sports Radio:

"I think the story is still a long way but certainly Gareth Bale is close to leaving Real Madrid than ever. Everything is complicated, but I believe an agreement will soon be created. This depends on the good results of the subsequent discussion.

Mourinho wants Gareth Bale to Real Madrid lead

Sky Sports sources said Mourinho personally phoned Bale and explain the position of the Welsh striker in his tactical scheme Portuguese teacher at Tottenham. Itself representative of Bale, Barnett also confirmed this: "Gareth has spoken to Jose. Tottenham still have an important place in the heart of Bale ".

The deal is likely to be quickly bolted down by three reasons. First, Real Madrid wanted to sell Bale to reduce the wage fund. Second, Bale also reluctant to stay and return to Tottenham is considered the best choice. Third, Gareth Bale Tottenham really need to accomplish goals this season.