That name is Jamie Vardy of Leicester City. At 33, Vardy are 19 mixed up in this season when the Premiership remaining 9 rounds again, topped the list of scorers this season with 2 goals than those who pursue Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang grip.

Premiership return, the oldest house scorer history about to change owners
Vardy is in top form (Image Source: Internet)

Vardy is in top form

If Vardy can hold this position until the end of the season, he will officially usurpation of Drogba to become winning oldest player trophy scorer in the Premier League. Earlier, Drogba once scored 29 goals in the 2009/10 season in the Chelsea shirt colors at age 32, became the oldest scorer at that time.

Another striker Nicolas Anelka of Chelsea is ranked 2nd with 19 goals in the 2008/09 season when 30 years old. Should know, has six players who won the award at the age of 29, including Aubameyang. He scored 22 goals last season to share the throne with Sadio Mané scorer and Mohamed Salah.

Robin van Persie has won the top scorer in the 2012/13 season Manchester United in well in 29 years, the same as Dimitar Berbatov in the 2010/11 season. Drogba also scored more goals at the age of 29 with 20 in season 2016/17 mixed up, like Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (2000/01) and Dion Dublin (1997/98).

Premiership return, the oldest house scorer history about to change owners
List the oldest scorer in Premiership history (Image Source: Internet)

List the oldest scorer in Premiership history

In terms of the most number of goals in a season Premiership, Vardy will have reached 34 goals to level the all-time record of 35 goals or to set new milestones. Yet this goal almost impossible by scoring 15-16 goals in order to 9 rounds is too difficult.

Andy Cole and Alan Shearer have scored 34 goals in the 1993/94 season and 1994/95 but the Premier League with 42 games 38 and not as current. The time record for goals in a season by 38 games with 32 goals Salah setting campaign in 2017/18.

Leicester currently ranked 3rd Vardy on the 2019/20 Premier League standings, this is considered a very impressive comeback. They had a stage win in the match 10/11 dated 21.09.2019 the period from 12.08.2019 in the Premier League this season, including eight consecutive victories.

Most explosive of which must mention the victory with a record gap of Leicester 9-0 Southampton on the field on lap 10, the game that individuals Vardy had a hat-trick. In 10 games in the Premier League for the period 29.09.2019 to 08.12.2019, Vardy has 9 ball, "fire", recorded a total of 13 goals.