Premiership interruption since round 29. Still 9 rounds with 92 matches unfinished. And that way is what makes the tournament organizers as well as representatives of the club must calculate headache. But with Liverpool, they can only be charged for 2 rounds again.

Premiership return date 17/6: Liverpool can lift the trophy when?
Liverpool crowned Premiership 2019/20 (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool crowned Premiership 2019/20

As of Round 29 - time tournament interruption, the gap between league leaders Liverpool with second-placed Manchester City is 25 points. Champion team rocks less than 1 matches, Arsenal is a reception. But even beating "Gunners" coach Pep Guardiola's men still inferior to Liverpool to 22 points.

According to the organizer's calendar Premier League match between Manchester City and Arsenal will take place on 17/6. The round matches take place on days 30, 19, 20 and 21/6. And if everything goes smoothly, the first round will take place 32 may then 1 week.

If Liverpool win the next two matches against Everton and Crystal Palace, Liverpool can become champions of England on 27 or 28/6. Basically, championship Premiership 2019/20 as Liverpool is already in the bag, and the only problem is when only.

After 30 years of painful waiting, now Liverpool could only championship 19th England Club history have exactly 2 victory. Anfield side have 82 points after 29 rounds, just two more victories they will reach 88 points - enough championship points to 7 rounds soon.

Currently the only team competition crown with Manchester City Liverpool. Pep Guardiola's men have 57 points after 28 games. If Manchester City win all 10 games remaining, this team has a maximum of 87 points. Current Liverpool also had 82 points.

But Liverpool can even crowned sooner. In case 2 Man City lost both matches against Arsenal kicking 17/6 compensation within 28 days here and Burnley at 30, Liverpool will become the new champion without having played more matches anymore.

Premiership return date 17/6: Liverpool can lift the trophy when?
If Man City (blue) lost to Arsenal, Liverpool still champion sooner (Image Source: Internet)

If Man City (blue) lost to Arsenal, Liverpool still champion sooner

If two defeats then the highest score possible that Man City have only 81 points. Meanwhile, Liverpool have 82 points now. So can champion Liverpool was soon 2-1 win over Bournemouth 7/3 day - time Covid pandemic outbreak-19 have not.

So, see, the expectation that Liverpool are waiting scary. They've been waiting 30 years for this moment, but still have to wait due to the pandemic covid-19. Anyway with the Premiership fixed return date, the Merseyside also about to receive rewards.