Outlook for the pair play in round 1 Premiership 2020/21

Chelsea lost 2 "blockbuster" in the opening match Premiership

According to The Athletic, Chelsea will be without the services of costly rookie duo Ben Chilwell (50 million pounds) and Hakim Ziyech (37 million pounds) in the opening match against Brighton at 15/9. Chilwell heel injury before joining Chelsea, Ziyech sore knee in a friendly match Wednesday 29/8 (see the Brighton, 1-1).

Premiership opening day display 2: Chelsea lost 2
Chelsea will be without Chilwell and Ziyech in the opening match Premiership (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea will be without Chilwell and Ziyech in the opening match Premiership

Sub bold buy players, Chelsea Klopp warns

On BBC Five Live, coach Jürgen Klopp has strongly responded opinions comparative shopping campaigns bleak Liverpool players against Chelsea - the team spent more than 200 million pounds summer transfer market for 2020:

"Liverpool have won the Champions League, Premier League own way and will not change that. Chelsea brought a lot of players, but they must find a way to mount them quickly. You can not buy the 11 best players in the world and hope to play quality football only after 1 week. Meanwhile, the Liverpool players have come together for years. "

"James Rodriguez is not easy to shine in the Premier League"

Sky Sport, Graeme Souness - legend for a while Liverpool has warned James Rodriguez - former Real player has joined Everton on the rigors of the Premier League: "Premier League has welcomed many big players and one of them also find it difficult to compete in the stars. James Rodriguez is no exception, remember him ever struggling in Bayern or Real ".

"Heirs" Arsenal are eager to play

In an online exchange with fans on Twitter, Mesut voiced insists he is ready to play in the opening match of Arsenal this weekend. German midfielder does not kick for Arsenal match since the Premier League again after Covid-19.

"I trained hard, completely healthy and ready to play, but named in the starting lineup this weekend or not is not for me to decide. Let's wait and see!" Ozil said.