Organizing Committee Premiership are trying our best to finalize plans to finish the season 2019/20. The tournament was 9 rounds and still be delayed since March due to the impact of translation Covid-19. The Daily Mail reported that the league has just received a ball extremely happy that the team has agreed return date. Accordingly, the Premier League will officially back on the day 17/6, ie the following 3 weeks.

Premiership officially back: Man City Arsenal War stone someday?
Premiership officially returned starting on 17/6 (Image Source: Internet)

Premiership officially returned starting on 17/6

The first match Premiership restarts confrontation is very noticeable between Manchester City and Arsenal. Besides, the game between Aston Villa and Sheffield United also took place during the day 17/6.

This is the second match of the round cover 28 when Aston Villa and Manchester City's League Cup final stone busy earlier. So is the team in the Premier League will play 29 games before entering the 30 scheduled to be held 2 days later.

According to the Daily Mail, 30 of the Premier League is expected to take place in 4 days 19, 20,21 and 22/6. However, the exact schedule of the 10 pairs of this game has not been announced. Currently, Premiership 2019/20 is still a total of 92 matches.

It is considered as a major step in bringing back Premiership. However, this is a difficulty for the club as they only have 3 weeks to put the players ready both physically and professionally.

Premiership officially back: Man City Arsenal War stone someday?
Arsenal against Manchester City in the English Premier League day back (Image Source: Internet)

Arsenal against Manchester City in the Premier League return date

The British team returned to training just 10 days after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed to loosen the social spacing. Despite this, the team must practice with small groups (5 people or less) and just started practice with a large group since 27/5.

Organizing Committee Premiership Covid-19 well tested periodically 2 times / week for the players as well as members of the team. During the most recent inspection, there were 4 cases of infection coming from 3 clubs. The infection rate of the test cases (0.4 to 0.5%) is very low, so no worries forming disease outbreaks.

Although the Premier League has identified days back but the game will have to play in a state no spectators. The team not only lose revenue from ticket sales but also cost money to hire extra security forces on duty outside the stadium to be ready disperse the crowd when necessary.