In the latest statement of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and British government, the first decision in an effort to bring back sports events was launched. Accordingly, Mr Johnson issued a warning to football in particular and other sports in the UK in general, that they will not have an audience as long as vaccine Covid-19 was discovered.

Premiership newsletter stricken, extremely difficult conditions to welcome the audience
The UK government will need 8 days to determine the future Premier League this season (Image Source: Internet)

The UK government will need 8 days to determine the future Premier League this season

September this year will not be seen as the earliest time, and this condition will be longer lasting as long as the vaccine is found. This is clearly bad news for the football club in the UK, they must be prepared to play on the stadium no audience in at least half of next season. Furthermore, some team will definitely continuing danger does not get revenue from ticket sales.

The government will offer a 40-page written record of the day, to go into the details of the plan. British Prime Minister will present before the House this content Parliament on Monday afternoon (11/5, in local time). Chris Whitty Professor, Medical Director of the British Government, warned on July 22/4 that finding a vaccine within a year is "extremely difficult".

Similarly, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge Netherlands also vowed no spectators in the game of this country until the vaccine is found. In Germany, the gatherings would be banned until the fall, meaning that the first phase of the Bundesliga next season will take place on the stadium not spectators.

According to The Mirror, the English Premier League players likely will be announced this week returned to training, and the match will be guaranteed "safe than going to the supermarket." The British government is expected to need 8 days to determine the future of English football, starting today and ending on Monday next week.

Among the issues to be addressed in English football, playing on neutral ground and welfare of the players is the biggest barrier to the season ended, when the controversy between the six group winners, six of the bottom and the remaining teams on the rise.

"Restart project" (Project Restart) will need 14 votes of 20 Premiership teams to go into enforcement. Thursday is expected this week, the British government will have separate meetings with the Premier League.