Last night (17/4, local time), representatives of the organizations and 20 of the Premier League clubs have online meeting to discuss important plans 2019/20 season is still suspended after 29 round because pandemic raging Covid-19.

Premiership like a hash, 6 giants and small clubs heated conflicts
The team in the Premier League may be back in training in small groups (5 players / team) after 1 month to prepare the competition (Image Source: Internet)

The team in the Premier League may be back in training in small groups (5 players / team) after 1 month to prepare for competitions

The government has yet to give any special notice relating to football when social spacing command is still being executed. However, according to British newspaper Daily Mail prestige, the Premier League clubs has proposed a potential plan on getting to the players returned to training and competition from 18/5 days from the time of 3 weeks later with potential milestone is on 8/6.

A CEO of one of the 6 "giants" (Big Six) of the English Premier League also urged the Organizing Committee and the clubs this season should end at the latest on November 30/6.

Also in this online conference, severe conflicts occurred in the context of about 80 contracts of the players in the English Premier League is about to expire and the time 30/6. There is still no consensus on the issue of the club's players have been renewed this contract will have to leave the team or managing to become a free agent from the seventh day.

The remaining matches of the Premiership this season is likely to take place in the state of the audience not to pitch

Big Six (Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham) want to have the services of the players in the context they must battle for big goals last season when the season 2019/20 will certainly have lasted for translation Covid-19.

They also want to play notes 9 rounds remaining Premiership and ready to start until August to end this season because of the capacity for European and receive bonuses from television rights handsomely.

Meanwhile, many small and medium sized club might want to cut spending, and they are willing to split up the players contracts expiring at the end of June to narrow their salary fund.

Representatives of the team heading "Big Six" wants to come back online meeting to continue discussing this issue at the next 1/5 days.

SunSport newspaper said that the English Premier League 2019/20 season to finish with 92 games remaining at the latest by August this year to avoid revenue losses of up to 1 billion pounds. Premier League clubs can apply the method itemized 5 players on the field practicing how some teams in the Bundesliga apply from 2 weeks ago.

The team also needs thorough examination see his players have Covid-19 infection before you returned to training and competition.