Whatever are appreciated in the Europa League and Champions League this season, but Manchester United and Manchester City were eliminated in a way unexpectedly before Sevilla and Lyon. Premier League has a different representative Europa League quarter-finals this season as Wolves, the team also was eliminated by the Sevilla. Besides, Chelsea were playing the return leg of the Champions League 1/8 early last month and admit defeat Bayern Munich 1-4.

Premiership Fixture change for Manchester United - Manchester City: the Great War came early in what month?
MU eliminated from Europa League in the way of bitterness (Image Source: Internet)

MU eliminated from Europa League in the way of bitterness

Under the provisions of the Premiership, the team will have at least 30 days of rest after attending the aforementioned arena. With the end of the final match in the European Cup on days 16-17 / 8, Manchester United and Manchester City will play little later than the other teams in the Premier League in the opening round.

Recently, the Wolves had filed a tournament organization for them and Chelsea facing two Manchester clubs in the first round, take advantage of Manchester United and Manchester City have to stay longer, in order to prolong the rest of their own. According to this calculation, Man City can play on the golf MU 15/9 and then 1 day.

However, BTC has rejected this proposal, mean that Wolves will still play on Day kicks off the new season 2020/21 Premiership on 12/9. In theory, the final game of the Wolves ended on 11/8, so they play on Day 12/9 nothing debatable.

Prospect of a Manchester derby on September 17/9 was also taking into account the BTC Premier League, to quickly help Manchester United and Manchester City to catch up with the other teams in terms of the match award. This means that after the second round, the teams will have the same number of games played.

However, the radio seems to disagree with the plan to match such an important place in mid-week. They want this game takes place on the weekend, in order to attract the maximum number of viewers.

Earlier, The Sun ever reported BTC Premier League plans for a "match ghost" between Manchester United and Manchester City right in round 1 and then to this confrontation took place in December, in case the two teams this advancing in the European Cup this season.