During the meeting with the Technical Committee, Culture, Media and Sport England recently, Rick Parry, chief organizer of the professional football (EFL) has criticized a straight face English Premier League on account "parachute money" that this tournament is spending annually.

Premiership fierce fighting, arguing amount
Rick Parry bitterly about clause "money parachuting" of the Premiership (Image Source: Internet)

Rick Parry bitterly about clause "money parachuting" of Premiership

Parry called this amount is "secondary harm should be removed", comes from he is calling for a bailout from the Premier League for the club subordinates, when this team is faced with Clause losses amounted to 200 million pounds in September here and risk being dissolved or declared bankrupt. Parry considered clause "money parachute" is a waste of the Premiership.

Money paratrooper (Parachute payment) as an expense of the Premier League for three clubs relegated in order to help them not fall into bankruptcy, because when relegation fare sale often have decreased, the number of fans came less and television rights money also dropped dramatically, literally called the money "allowance".

Previously, the amount is fixed at 60 million pounds, but according to the latest share Parry, this amount more realistic.

Parry response, representatives of the Premier League said: "Money parachute handed to the newly promoted team the confidence to invest in the team, to become more competitive. It is also an effective plan for the teams relegated, to avoid the risk of revenue. We do not see this money in hand and how useless it is still considered an integral part of professional football environment. "

In his remarks, Parry proved fiercer when referring to the restructuring to adapt to the current situation. He said that "solidarity is shrinking" and "we need to re-launch and re-structure" to "does not suffer from this trap to trap the other."

Currently, BTC BTC Premier League and the English professional football are meeting regularly to find solutions to bring the tournament back. The surest time to Premiership may recur is 12/6. Meanwhile, the time for the club can start back training has not yet been clearly defined.

Last weekend, the isolation was eased in Britain and some clubs scheduled back immediately set Monday, but then had to move to 18/5 because of some problem escalation of pensions for players.