After 3 months delayed because of translation Covid-19, English Premier League 2019/20 season will resume this weekend with 2 fixture between Aston Villa compensation 28 - Sheffield United and Man City - Arsenal

Premiership favor Liverpool: No champion has available name on the trophy
Liverpool glad Premiership coming back (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool glad Premiership coming back

League leaders Liverpool is certainly desirable Premier League club this year the most back. Currently, teachers are leading Jürgen Klopp Premiership standings this season with 82 points after 29 rounds, over the team ranked No. 2 Man City to 25 points but more rock rivals 1 matches.

According to schedule, Liverpool will return to compete in this arena by Merseyside derby as guests of city rivals Everton at 1:00 the morning of 22/6. If Manchester City lost to Arsenal in the fixture offset within 28 day 18/6 and then 4 days, "Kop" get all 3 points against Everton at Goodison Park or a neutral ground, they will be crowned early in the Premiership England early this season to eight rounds.

In the case of Manchester City win over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium ahead, Liverpool need to win at least 6 points in 9 rounds remaining his coronation in the Premiership early this year. "The Kop" can accomplish that goal if Everton win and Crystal Palace respectively on 22 and 25/6.

May see this as a surprise because in fact, "Merseyside Red Brigade" still needs to win at least two more wins in nine rounds remaining when the Premiership back definitely new champion.

Premiership favor Liverpool: No champion has available name on the trophy
Leakage controversial clip on the Premiership trophy this season Liverpool have printed name (Image Source: Internet)

In the past, each of 18-time champion Liverpool England. But for 30 years, they have not been up to the top of England football. Since the league name and modalities He moved into the English Premier League (since 1992) to date, the team has never Anfield trophy.

If the coronation of this year, they will terminate the "drought" title Partially lasted 3 decades, officials landmark 19th title this category (only poor record 20 times coronation of MU true 1-to raise the trophy) . That would be a great spiritual solace for teachers and students Jürgen Klopp after they were turned into the former King Atletico Madrid Champions League this year when losing teams from Spain in the second leg 1/8.