Premier League are having the dissidents from several clubs before the season back. Sources Daily Mail first revealed plans will be the replacement of from 3 to 5 who like league Bundesliga is doing now.

Premiership dominant player in Europe while back: To replace 9 / Battle
Premier League can substitution 9 / Battle (Image Source: Internet)

Premier League can substitution 9 / Battle

Next, the Premier League is like giving VAR technology in the rest of the season. But here are the problems most caused last week's meeting in mid triggered fierce debate between the teams. Expected all the changes needed 14 votes in total 20 new club adopted.

Recently, Chelsea has sent a letter proposing to increase substitution in a match to 9 players / games in the remaining 9 rounds of the Premier League this season. Notably, the idea of ​​the team is much London club agreed.

The reason is a long time off from trading Covid-19, most of them concern the players should want to increase injury number of substitutions is understandable. However, this approach makes the small team again felt unhappy because it will cause them to be disadvantaged.

Nevertheless, this is still a viable plan if the Premier League game with high intensity when the back. 9 rounds within 6 weeks is very easy to lead to overload players and injuries.

If the majority agrees with the recommendations of the London team, tournament organization will meet again before making a final decision on the day 11/6. Of course, the Premier League will have to consult the Executive Council of the World Football League (IFAB) to this bill is passed. Currently, new IFAB allowed the teams in Europe to replace a maximum of 5 players / games.

Premier League just closing date 17/6 is officially back, however 6 teams including Aston Villa, Watford, West Ham, Brighton, Norwich and Bournemouth are pressing for the cancellation, however, consistent with the stance BTC will complete 38 rounds this season.