Arsenal suddenly "promoted" to coach Arteta

From Page ESPN said BLD Arsenal decided "promoted" to Mikel Arteta from the title "head coach" (Coach purely professional) to the title "manager" (managers include many job than). This means that Mikel Arteta will have more power and a bigger role with the team in the new season.

Area 38 strategists had great success helping Arsenal won 2 titles in just 1 month through the FA Cup and that is Super Cup when England turn threw two big clubs of England's Chelsea and Liverpool. That shows Arteta is on track and afford to bring her past glory "Gunners London". That is why the board of trust and handed Arsenal a lot of power, as well as more responsible for him.

Aubameyang stay at Arsenal and the team received the highest salary

According to The Sun, Aubameyang and Arsenal have reached an agreement to extend the contract. Expected 2 sides will formally announced before the game against Fulham in the opening round of the new Premier League season. Aubameyang will receive the highest wage at Arsenal: £ 350,000 / week. This is on par with Ozil wages are enjoying now. However Aubameyang would be the highest income earners while enjoying the many perks and other personal bonuses than Ozil.

Premiership curtain opening 1 day: Arsenal suddenly
Aubameyang will receive the highest wage at Arsenal (Image Source: Internet)

Aubameyang will receive the highest wage at Arsenal

Mason Greenwood forced his episode 1 at MU

England youth striker has returned to MU to start training for the new season, after being expelled from England for call girl scandal strange stationed at the hotel where the "Three Lions". Greenwood's actions are considered blameworthy, elated and have dealt with severely.

Coach Solskjaer were aware of this and he has no other way but to his mandatory exercise 1 pupil himself, to avoid the risk of infection covid-19 for the other players. As expected, Greenwood can only participate in training with the team early next week.