In a new study was published, the total asset value of Stan Kroenke family billionaire, chairman of Arsenal, has increased sharply after 5 months. Accordingly, the increase of the Group by the American owners of ownership is 323 million pounds, while the total value of the assets of his wife, Ann Walton Kroenke, who inherited the chain Walmart, also increased to 97 million pounds . Thus, the total value of assets of billionaire Stan Kroenke and his wife added 420 million pounds.

Premiership clubs paradox: Cut salary players, the rich big boss
Arsenal boss, Stan Kroenke (Image Source: Internet)

Arsenal boss, Stan Kroenke

In the context of a lot of lines affected by Covid-19, the property of Mr. Kroenke remains strong is what makes many people not from unexpected. However, despite the boss's total assets continued to increase, the players and the coaching staff has been reduced salary Arsenal, with a fall of 12.5%, decline in wages in April this year.

At the wage cuts in April, Arsenal have 24/27 players agree. Mesut is one of 3 players do not agree to a pay cut. German player says ready to support, but requires leadership team must prove damage by the numbers, specific evidence. Oezil is currently the highest paid player Arsenal earning £ 350,000 / week.

Besides, the debt Arsenal have yet to be solved, and there are private BLD team must weigh about selling pillars like Ozil, Aubameyang or Lacazette. One of the problems of the current Arsenal headache is the lack of funds from the purchase of striker Nicolas Pepe in the summer of 2019.

Pepe landed Arsenal from Lille with a record contract worth 72 million pounds. According to British media, "Gunners" new prepaid France team amounts to approximately 20 million pounds, the rest will be installment into 5 waves. In the context of financial difficulties due to the impact of translation Covid-19, the board "Gunners" will be forced to sell players first team to balance financial, scheduled 6 names, including 3 stars above.