Premier League clubs face an additional barrier to re-start the season after reports the players are entitled to a vacation to date 30/6. The contract of the players have clearly stated they have 5 weeks of vacation a year, and the club "are not allowed to refuse an application for stay 3 weeks in a row of players without reason." Often this stage is in the summer vacation.

Premiership caught dead shocking players, banning ice bath and massage
The therapy will be limited, which makes the players with a history of injury worries (Image Source: Internet)

The therapy will be limited, which makes the players with a history of injury worries

This means that the club will have to reach an agreement with the players if they want to continue the season in mid-June and the season ends in late May 7. Most of the team will then have periods break into August before returning for a brief period before the season preparation, in the case of 2020/21 season starts in mid-September.

However, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Wolves still attend the European Cup, and Champions League and Europa League are scheduled to kick back in October 8. If any English team to the final, distance their stay will be very short before the courtyard to prepare for the new season.

Although top players normally do not use up vacation time because of obligations at the national team in the summer, the situation this year can be very unpredictable. Sources from the club said would require negotiations between the club and the players to ensure adequate benefits.

The players are going through a stormy period, when they were proposed pay cut, then the risk of burn injuries when physical and season back too soon after the isolation period. Now, if the rest of their rights interfered, probably will not be easy to Premiership can return smoothly.

In another development, the Premiership players also expressed concerns with different rules, which are designed to prevent diseases for them, but now brings many other dangers. One of them is the "staff not to use the treatments by hand to the players (mostly massages) prior to exercise."

Limiting treatment before and after the match led to a major concern from the players about it can cause more injuries they face, especially those players with a history of trauma. These people are often very dependent on the post therapy to help them the best possible condition.

Besides, the ice bath and treatments using machines - such as cryotherapy chamber - also limited. These are methods recovered very popular among players, to regenerate muscle after exercise and help more mature player.

While BTC Premier League is considering alternatives to the season back, the players in this tournament seems very worried about the health of their individuals. The group sessions will likely start at 18/5, while the season is being re-defined on the day 12/6.