Bundesliga is the first in the five top European leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) played back post-Covid-19. The crowd was extremely strange empty capital, is now gradually being accepted. The play on the field did not significantly influence the audience to win ratio.

Premiership back: No audience how to influence United - Liverpool?
Bundesliga play on the field do not crowd (Image Source: Internet)

Bundesliga play on the field is not a crowd

Statistics in the first 27 games since the Bundesliga again, a winning ratio of the home team in the absence of the audience has changed dramatically. Specifically, only 5 victory for the home side, while the visiting team to win 11 games. Calculation, the win rate of only 18.5% home side while the visitors was 40.7%.

Pause before the season, the Bundesliga had 224 battle took place, the result of the home team won 97 games, 43.3% rate, while the visiting team won only 79 games, 35.2% rate. Thus, the winning rate of the home team before and after the time off from Covid-19 have fallen by more than half, from 43.3% to 18.5% (down 24.8%).

Premiership coming back as well, starting on 17/6, with no spectators stadium. Based on figures from the Bundesliga, the experts also predicted a big difference in the Premiership.

The Daily Mail cited data from companies Statistics indicate that, Manchester City is the most stable teams whether courts have the audience or not. In fact, when the epidemic outbreak Covid-19 not work, "Green Man" rocks at Etihad or game away from home is also not much different.

As assessed above, chances of winning at home by Manchester City last season was 84%, ie 9% higher than when they play away from home (75%). In group 6 hitters in the league, the team of coach Pep Guardiola at the club is affected by factors at home than away.

In stark contrast, Arsenal are the most dependent on the home market. Evidence is being kicked at the Emirates, their ability to win 62%, which is higher than 18% compared with the battle taking place away (likely to win 42%).

According to statistics, the Liverpool team played many home games as possible after 29 rounds (15 games, more than Man City 2 games). So also means they were lucky to have more ice away matches in the rest of the season. Confrontation with the home side the audience can not help coach Klopp's men more confident.

Premiership back: No audience how to influence United - Liverpool?
On the pitch not the audience will greatly affect MU (Image Source: Internet)

On the pitch not the audience will greatly affect MU

Merseyside but probably not very concerned about this, because they only need 2 more wins is the royal road to the championship of the Premier League 2019/20. Furthermore, in the last season, "Red Brigade" just behind Manchester City in the list of the less affected by factors at home, away from home.

Last season, Manchester United won 10 victories in 19 home games, winning percentage reached 52.6% rate. Away, this achievement fell 9 matches, ie 47.3%. However, the failure rate in the home - away of the "Reds" has changed, from 3 to 7 home defeats away defeats.

Thus, if the match at Old Trafford was packed audience, the failure rate of the troops under his coach Solskjaer is 15.7%; this figure amounted to 36.8 away%. Say so to see, play the game not the audience will affect the "Reds", but the trend does not anyone know for sure.