Class star of Jack Grealish of Aston Villa shirt color

According to the latest developments, the Premier League has just had a meeting with the organizers of professional football England (EFL) on the issue of whether or not ignore the law to relegation this season. The final decision was made that the Premiership will remain defined relegation and this has enormous influence to the top 6 of the bottom, these representatives have come out to oppose the league again.

Aston Villa difficult to keep Grealish before the unsettled Manchester United (Picture source: Internet)

Aston Villa difficult to keep Grealish before the unsettled Manchester United

Information Premiership remains the same provisions of the bottom 3 will be relegated to the penultimate stand makes the team standings as Aston Villa face a lot of risk. Besides bracing to compete relegation battle as the season back in, the Villa Park also have headaches with plans to retain the pillars.

Their top stars as Captain Jack Grealish once vowed to leave if the right to play in the First Division. England midfielder would be easy to leave the name of the first team as he is a target for Manchester United's No.1 in the summer transfer window coming. Besides, the risk of relegation makes Aston Villa hard "price squeeze" MU when their captain was no longer passionate about sticking to Villa Park.

Grealish prepared joined the "Reds"? (Image Source: Internet)

Grealish prepared joined the "Reds"?

Myself standing penultimate team rankings will also determine the farewell to the star born in 1995. However, they made no secret intention "pickpocket" MU with a huge price. Aston Villa has said they only go if receiving full Grealish 70 million pounds.

However, the difficult situation at this time, the team of coach Dean Smith is likely to pity lower the price by having to play in the First Division next season will reduced the appeal of Aston Villa against the current.

In contrast, Paul Pogba fully recovered from the injury during this period to help coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær more assured place in midfield. "Reds" will not be under pressure additional strength to the midfield and they will have enough time to "price squeeze" Aston Villa despite the home side at Old Trafford ever seen Jack Grealish target should buy folding in season this summer.