Project Restart difficulty

For the sake of billions of tables, the organizers efforts Premiership finish last 9 rounds. Recently, the English Football Association (FA) and representatives from 20 teams to continue meeting online to find a solution for the rest of the season.

Premiership appointment yet again, players refused to play for?
Premiership goes with 6 clubs disagree on neutral ice (Image Source: Internet)

Premiership goes with 6 clubs disagree on neutral ground stone

Plan called Project Restart - program restart 2019/20 Premiership campaign is launched. There, the organizers want to conduct competitions focus on three neutral stadium and most likely location was selected as the capital London. 20 clubs will play a rotational basis, just trying to just keep playing safe for the players.

However, this plan is not adopted immediately in the meeting. 13 clubs voted in favor of, but also the team tick table 6 opposed and 1 Club Project Restart undecided. Meanwhile, the Premier League need at least 14 votes to be adopted Restart Project.

Group 6 team standing in the second half of the rankings with Watford, West Ham, Brighton, Norwich, Bournemouth and Aston Villa do not agree with having to kick on neutral ground. The team said that they are disadvantaged in the relegation race and rock without relegation team.

Things were so tense, organizers Premiership clubs threatened to last for 3 ranking is now at Norwich, Bournemouth and Aston Villa relegated immediately. Because if not stone nodules 9 last round, the Premier League will vote in the direction of ending the season right from this moment.

The players do not take the stone?

But it was not to stop there. Immediately presented itself nor players excited about playing back plan. They are concerned for the safety of themselves and their families. Basically, players Premiership are all wealthy, owning millions, tens or even hundreds of million pounds in hand. Therefore, they do not want to risk himself unnecessarily.

Premiership appointment yet again, players refused to play for?
Some locations are expected to rock to 9 rounds of the Premiership (Image Source: Internet)

Some locations are expected to rock to 9 rounds of the Premiership

According to the Guardian, Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) will have to listen to the opinions of international players in the meetings with the FA. Through 20 captain of the club, this association should be responsible for protecting the interests of international players.

And in fact, PFA also worked effectively, through the way they protect and help the players not to be reduced by 30% wage the war against the organizers Premier League and 20 clubs new managing here. So, if the PFA and the players determined not to play the game, Restart Project plan of FA will meet enormous obstacles.

At this time, six giants of the English Premier League including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are the team wants to fight again. By 2019/20 season is canceled, they will lose a huge amount. Additionally, this team has other benefits. For as Liverpool want the Premier League champions, Manchester United also looking forward into the top four to win the Champions League tickets.

But as recognition of Sadio Mané recently, Liverpool star willing to ignore championship Premier League "Championship Premier League is my dream and I want to finish this year. But if not, I will accept, that is a part of life. Hopefully we'll win it next year. "

Even Mane also bring psychological fear for their health and family - although the championship was in sight. So, not surprisingly, the general psychology of the world's players do not want to go out at this time.