These important match of Manchester United in the English Premier League 2020/21

Premiership 2020/21 to less than two weeks before the start painting. Heats will first be held on 12/9, ie less than 2 months old after the season ended. This is the result of translation Covid-19 leave and partly due to pressure from UEFA EURO 2021.

Premiership 2020/21 fiery - MU:
United's squad has not changed much compared to last season (Image Source: Internet)

United's squad has not changed much compared to last season

Time for preparation of the team is not much, especially with Manchester United - the club finished the season at the latest by a semifinal Europa League. Currently, teachers Solskjaer is still in short holiday and only returned to training U18 team. Compared with 5 other teams in the Big 6, MU also infantry estate project on the transfer market.

Despite many rumors owns most but until the present time, the only rookie of the "Reds" is Dean Henderson, players return to the team after the end of his loan at Sheffield United. Left, one of the MU squad still no change.

Style "slow but sure" on the transfer market is often seen in Solskjaer. However, the Norwegian master data have been overly cautious in a situation two seasons being pulled closer than normal?

Bruno Fernandes is still the most important player of Manchester United in new season

Basically, play Manchester United in the new season will not change anything by not yet gone pillar. Even when there are 1 or 2 new signings then Solskjaer also not so that tactical change. The most important players will remain Bruno Fernandes. Portugal midfielder is doing a very good job trigger attacks and many times also scored themselves.

According to the latest information, in the next few days will be recruited MU "blockbuster" first named Donny Van de Beek. Ajax's young players will be a significant addition in the middle of the "Reds" and will make it easier for the coach Solskjaer turning tassels, choice of squad. But the deal still must wait for the official confirmation from the Old Trafford team.

If MU can not buy young talent Jadon Sancho then Mason Greenwood will occupy a forward position on the right. Daniel James was "catch all" should Solskjaer only a single choice. Two positions on public goods will naturally belongs to Martial and Rashford. Besides, Pogba will be a key player in the middle of the "Reds".

Last season proved enough when MU squad, they did not "short" any team in the Premier League. However, the tournament lasted 38 rounds and Solskjaer could not use an entire squad during a long period of time so. Cumulative fatigue easily lead to injury last season and is also a typical example. If no translation Covid-19, then Pogba and Rashford probably have to end the season early.

This indicates that the MU will be difficult to compete championship Premier League in the new season with the current force. Maybe a place in the Top 4 remains realistic goals for teachers and students Solskjaer.

Some statistical highlights of Manchester United in the English Premier League 2019/20

Premiership 2020/21 fiery - MU:
(Image Source: Internet)

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