Timo Werner performances before Brighton

Chelsea started the 2020/21 season with a 3-1 win over Brighton. Despite their recruits not leave marks on the score board, but effective style of play, it has been proven. Especially in the case of Timo Werner, he can be a top striker in the Premier League for years to come.

Premier League with
Timo Werner Chelsea debut and earned a victory at Brighton penalty (Image Source: Internet)

Timo Werner Chelsea debut and earned a victory at Brighton penalty

German national team striker colored shirt made famous in Leipzig and has proven ability to advance rivals England in the European Cup, but the game against Brighton was the first time he played in the Premier League. Though Werner did not have any yet overwhelmed psychologically, he contributed greatly to the play of Chelsea and even bring about a penalty for Jorginho scored.

1 hour in the first match is Brighton team better ball control that Chelsea have to play counter-attack, but even in that Chelsea have the ball extremely dangerous opportunities. All thanks to Werner, a machine's counter-attack, "the Blues" with frightening speed. He constantly smart move to get the ball into place before the acceleration makes the ear defenders chasing Brighton unconsolidated steam containment.

Werner had been waiting for the moment to join Liverpool because his speed is considered as ideal for creating a dangerous triad counter beside Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané. Liverpool ultimately did not buy him, but Chelsea Werner would still be hunting ground, by coach Frank Lampard understands that he needs for his striker kept the ball waiting for lower to support if they play against teams capable better control.

Werner ahead resulted in the keeper Mat Ryan to foul in the penalty area

Werner not only keep the ball, he can perform their counterattacking. Before Brighton, the striker stretched to keep the ball through balls of Jorginho though slightly stronger, whereby he made the goalkeeper Mat Ryan and bring about results Foul 11m. And in the 1st half injury time, Werner with little choice when the ball crossed the ball himself and shot Adam Webster makes a clearance Ryan.

While in Germany Werner was nicknamed "Timo super speed" ( "Turbo Timo") because his speed is not inferior to Salah and the top striker agile other. Chelsea now have a powerful weapon: Even stones are not good they can still win, by Werner gives them that opportunity.