Premier League 2020/21 season is happening extremely exciting and interesting surprises. After 8 rounds, former King Leicester City are leading the table 18 points, more than two teams are chasing right behind Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool champions the same distance only 1 point.

Meanwhile, the other names of the "Big 6" as Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United have started the season in not good and is just turn No. 5, 10, 11 and 14 of the league .

Premier League standings crazy without VAR: Which team No. 1, MU ranked much?
Without VAR, Liverpool were top of the table, and let flat MU ranks 15th after the first round 8 in the English Premier League this season (Image Source: Internet)

Without VAR, Liverpool were top of the table, and let flat MU ranks 15th after the first round 8 in the English Premier League this season

Accordingly, if the technology "peephole" VAR does not intervene in situations sensitive to recognize or deprive the goal, penalty or shadow phase can result in a red card, the big group "Big 6 "may change many score and ranking in the standings.

Specifically, while Liverpool will be adding 2 points to lift the current score of them up to 19 points to take the top ranking, Tottenham remain the score 17 to No. 2, while Leicester City will lose 2 when only 16 points and dropped two positions to be ranked No. 3.

MU without VAR will even more dire now as they can lose one more point and slipped one rank from No. 14 to 15, when a mere 8 points although still one game in hand (stone offset Burnley in the first round). Chelsea still ranked No. 5, while Manchester City and Arsenal will translational level by 1 to turn placed 9th and 10th in the case of this hypothesis came true.

Liverpool have reason to warm memories, because last season, though crowned champion Premier League but they are the team to be the decision of the referee in consultation VAR against him several times among 20 clubs attended this arena.

This season, without VAR, would "Merseyside Red Brigade" was ranked first instead of No. 3 and to Leicester City and Tottenham chasing as the present situation. English Premier League this year has repeatedly tarnished image due to interference from the VAR.

Aston Villa had been the referee refused to recognize the early goal in the first minute against Arsenal on Sunday last week (8/11). Referee Martin Atkinson meanwhile even have to run to the pitch to review this controversial situation with the small screen as the main screen at the Emirates having trouble making it inactive.

Referee Martin Atkinson refer VAR using small screen on the pitch

Patrick Bamford (Leeds United) or superstar Sadio Mané (Liverpool) also had good forestry deficit situation when their goal is rejected because VAR determine the striker fell into Vietnam in highly sensitive situations.