Not only cast the play full strength, speed along the street you beautiful, Leeds also showed a new level of pragmatism and "dark arts", which hardly any team in the Premier League current can catch them.

Premier League shocked at the
Man City (dark shirt) sweating in the previous trip to Leeds recently (Image Source: Internet)

Man City (dark shirt) sweating in the previous trip to Leeds recently

Despite being ranked 8th in the standings after four rounds Premier League fought, but Bielsa's side almost no rivals when considering the statistics related to performance in the match.

After 4 games, Leeds has created a total of 100 tackles, superior to the other teams in the tournament. They have many more successful tackles (average 18 times / match) and pressed more times than any other team in the (average 184 times / match).

Leeds won the ball ability is also extremely impressive, with 252 times to retake control of the ball of the season. Only Liverpool is "adequate" over the embankment with Leeds about this segment, with 246 times since the beginning of the season.

The strong commitment to this style of play is a factor helping Leeds return to the Premier League after 16 years of absence, and can fully become "dark horse" of the season this year. The only problem is, with such intense play, Leeds can maintain this play how long.

In the 1-1 draw with Manchester City at home, Leeds, making 32 tackles, successful 21 times among them, making the Green Man has an extremely hard day and almost had to leave empty-handed. In the opening day of the Premier League at Anfield, Liverpool Leeds also made "dizzy" with 32 tackles also be created in both the matches and only lost the final 3-4 heels.

Who contributed greatly in creating this game for Leeds was the coach Bielsa, who require maximum strength athlete from the players. Bielsa said that the focus on the defense of his philosophy is aimed to cater to attack, rather than negative defense.

Last season, Bielsa each revealed midfielder Mateusz Klich Poland Leeds ran an average of 12km per game, which is 1km sprint.