TourMalet always plays an important role in the English Premier League race. In the past, MU of Sir Alex Ferguson was always the best people in this period. It explains why "Reds" hold 13 titles in 20 seasons he leads MU when the tournament is entitled to the Premier League.

British Premier League racing 2020/21 is very committed

This 2020/21 season, the journey from Boxing Day to the early days of the year became even more important. About 5 - 8 teams are assessed in the championship racing group. And this is also the time to "purify" candidates. Only teams have real potential to be able to race for schools.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the Premier League is falling into a chaos, because the big teams do not have the best preparation for the tournament. That creates a premise for the championship race to become more attractive, with many teams that can racing instead of just Liverpool and Man City as many last seasons.

The team that reaped good results in the upcoming TourMalet journey will create a good premise to perform a breakthrough from February to the end of the season. At this point, Liverpool is in advantage. Because, the rivals of the defending champions in this period are not too difficult. In contrast, other candidates in the race to the throne must face difficult schedules.

Therefore, William Hill still rated Liverpool as the largest candidate for the Premier League Championship 2020/21. The rate for this ability is 5/6. No other team of this tournament is so appreciated.

Man City after deflections are gradually facing difficulties in the race to the throne. Therefore, they were left by Liverpool with a small distance. The rate of Pep Guardiola and the students stepped onto the top of the Premier League, according to William Hill, now 9/4.

MU with a very good breakthrough last phase, overcoming Chelsea and Tottenham to become a 3. "Red Devil" candidate won 6 of the last 7 rounds. Therefore, this team has the championship rate of 8/1, ranked immediately after Man City.

It is worth mentioning that before the 14th round, the British dealers said that coach Ole Solskjaer ranked third in the list of coaches that could lose their jobs, with the odds of 6/1 (put 1 meal 6), only after every Mikel Arteta of Arsenal (April 6) and Chris Wilder of Sheffield United (5/4). The 6-2 victory against Leeds helps "Solsa" holds its chair.

The last time, Mu lost in the Premier League was on November 1, when they collapsed 0-1 against Arsenal. But since that day, MU achieved almost absolute achievements: they won 6, 1 in 7 rounds, winning 19/21 maximum points. The only team made MU lose points in nearly two months was rivaled with Man City city (0-0).

Following MU Chelsea respectively (11/1), Tottenham (January 16), Leicester (January 22), Everton (66/1) and Southampton (100/1). It can be seen that Chelsea and Tottenham the last phase are not good, while teams like Leicester, Everton or Southampton are considered difficult to race the road.

Premier League championship rate of candidates:

Premier League ratio: Choking tourmalet racing, Liverpool or MU number 1?
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