Champions League marks British

The 2019/20 Champions League is a disappointment with the English Premier League. They had no representation over the quarterfinals, in which Liverpool champions were turned into former king right from the first round of 1/8. Man City is the farthest team but only stops in the quarterfinals.

3 of the 4 teams he enrolled in the Knock-out Champions League round is Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea

Remember before only 1 year, the 2018/19 season, Europe was covered by the British. Both the Champions League and Europa League finals are civilians of the English Premier League. Liverpool defeated Tottenham in the Champions League final with a score of 2-0 to show the 6th time in this tournament, while Chelsea defeated Arsenal to win the Europa League.

Because of that, the big Premier League men returned to the Champions League 2020/21 with a very large determination. And so far, Liverpool, Man City as well as Chelsea did very well their mission. All of the above 3 teams were enrolled in the knock-out round after the 5th match, furthermore even to win the top early 1 round.

However, the Premier League has not had a complete joy. Because MU has just made themselves with a 1-3 defeat at home before PSG. This result made "Red Devils" unable to win tickets early after the five match, though their mission is just winning 1 point.

Even so, MU still has the right to self-determination in the final match. They need at least 1 point on Leipzig to enroll in the Champions League knock-out round after a year of absence. Only thing, the top spot has now beyond the control of the British team. If PSG won the end, the top H h would belong to the French champion.

Waiting in mu

In fact, MU was more difficult than Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea was an unpredictable thing. Because "Red Devils" had to fall into the H El Tu Table with the presence of the Rebelli PSG, the team reached the last season as RB Leipzig, of the Turkish champion Istanbul Basaksehir.

Premier League proclaims C1 Cup: 3 big grandfather took the first place, only Mu was left
Only MU is difficult to lose to PSG 1-3 (Photo source: Internet)

Only MU is difficult to lose to PSG 1-3

Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea are also appreciated candidates in the Champions League championship race this season. Although Mu is unlikely to continue but not so it does less than the Premier League's prominence compared to the remaining tournaments, when it comes to attending C1 Cup now.

With the La Liga prize, they now have two teams that have entered the knock-out rounds, Barcelona and Sevilla but only Barca are the first place to win the first place. The teams of Madrid into Real and Atletico have the opportunity to be eliminated immediately after the group stage.

Bundesliga was more successful than La Liga, the defending championship Bayern Munich probably the top of the table and Dortmund was also peace of mind to continue. Monchengladbach is also leading in the boards of themselves, but the door is remained still, Leipzig needs to win the MU at the end of the last turn to continue.

The Premier League is showing his dominance, but it is still just at the stage stage. The fierceness of the Champions League only actually appeared in the knock-out round, where many major people in European football. But, in order to be able to claim that in Europe's most prestigious playground will be a simplicity task in the context of Liverpools, Chelsea or Man City have certain problems.

Three last season (2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20), all of the Premier League clubs won tickets to the first round of the Champions League, in which the first season 2017/18 They contributed Up to 5 representatives. Wait and see if MU can complete the quartet in the last match.