Liverpool - Mu racing championships

The Premier League is entering the tourmalet with a rare fierce. The distance between teams is very tight. Only after 2 losses, Tottenham was from the top of the first fell down on Friday, while Liverpool despite the breakthrough but was also being held behind the group constantly chasing.

MU (red shirt) is trying to overcome Liverpool

At this time of 1 year ago, Liverpool was in the first place with 40 points, won 13 matches and only mixed a match with MU in the ring 9. Leicester ranked second with 32 points, and Man City 29 points, Chelsea 26 point. Tottenham ranked 5th with 20 points, Mu ranked 9th with 18 points!

In 2018/19, the season that Man City and Liverpool championships are extremely attractive, at the same time the teams also started to separate them. As of the round 14 season 2018/19, Liverpool is leading with 38 points, 12 victories and 2 matches. Meanwhile, Man City also follows 36 points. Chelsea despite only 31 points, MU was ranked 7th with 22 points.

But now, everything can change after the tourmalet. Because, Liverpool is ranked No. 1 but the achievement is not too good. After 14 matches, "Red Brigade" won 9, Hoa 4 and lose 1. This is the worst achievement of this team in the last 3 seasons.

In the tourmalet, Liverpool will meet 3 rivals as West Brom (23:30 on December 27, Hanoi Hours), Newcastle (3h, December 31) and Southampton (3h, 5/1). After nearly 2 weeks of winter holidays, "Red Brigade" will play the last match of the first leg with MU on Anfield on January 17.

The tourmalet journey in front promises to be very committed to MU. They had to join the opponent standing right above he was Leicester in the 15th round (taking place at 19:30, on December 26). This will be a hinged match.

After that, MU's opponent was Wolves in turn (3h, December 30) and Aston Villa (3h, 2/1/2021). And as said, the match can be considered a "champion" with Liverpool. In addition, they promise to play more compensated stone matches with Burnley during this period.

Potential rivals

MU and Liverpool are the two teams emerging in the race in the first leg. Of course still the same turn and the Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Leicester or even Everton are very formal. But the problem with these teams, it is also to reap good results in the upcoming tourmalet.

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Man City (left) about to confront Chelsea (Photo source: Internet)

Man City (left) about to confront Chelsea

Man City's schedule in the coming journey is not pleasant. They had to encounter rivals as Newcastle (3h, 27/12), Everton (December 29), Chelsea (3/1/2021). These are hard-to-play opponents, and the ability of Coach Pep Guardiola's army falls in every match.

Chelsea is probably the team to experience the most stressed schedule in this tourmalet. They must confront Arsenal on the away field (0h30, 27/12), Aston Villa (03h30, December 29) and especially the Great War with Man City (23:30, 3/1). Therefore, it is not easy to "The Blues" to hit the first place after the turn.

Basically, Liverpool is still the team with many advantages to win the championship. Their schedule is lighter than opponents. In addition, the champion is also a good psychology after regaining the top spot. Just the pillars don't stick to injuries, they are expected to be the champion of the British Premier League 2020/21.