MU breaks out strongly

MU is the only team to win on a away from the Premier League this season. However, "Reds" are not good at home when only scoring 3 goals, winning only 1 victory in the previous 6 matches. The army of Coach Solskjaer ended that poor achievement with a 6-2 Leeds destruction at Old Trafford in the 14th round.

MU is back with the championship race

Non-foreign when saying that the match with Leeds is one of MU's best performances in the Premier League in the last two seasons. Leeds only returned to England's highest tournament after 16 years of absence but didn't seem to see this team. Marcelo Bielsa's army once caused difficulties for Liverpool champions in the opening of the opening, excellently holding two big men Chelsea and Arsenal.

Currently, MU has risen to No. 3 on the rankings, only the team leads Liverpool 5 points but is playing less than 1 match. Just a few weeks ago, the most optimistic MU fans did not dare think their team would compete with the championship season. But now, that was not even differently.

Everything in MU is gradually going into orbit. Coach Solskjaer has repeatedly talked about his long-term plan and that's why the leadership "Red Devils" continued to support him. The Norwegian strategist has suffered a lot of pressure after the slow start in this season and the peak is that MU is removed from the Champions League.

MU will enter the "Marathon Stage" that is expected to be very difficult in the next few weeks but now, at least the troops of Coach Solskjaer are showing positive signs.

Tottenham dropped without braking

Contrary to MU, Tottenham is undergoing a nightmare week with two consecutive defeats. A little wider, Mourinho's army only won 1 point in the last 3 rounds. The worse results made "roosters" fell to 5th place on the rankings.

Premier League hot: MU breaks out, replacing Tottenham racing champion with Liverpool?
Tottenham failed 2 consecutive matches (Photo source: Internet)

Tottenham failed 2 consecutive matches

Earlier, Tottenham had led the ranking in 4 consecutive rounds. It was the time when the London team's fans dreamed about Mourinho's "second season" of coach, helping them end the title thirst for decades.

One of the reasons led to Tottenham dropped without braking during the past time from Mourinho's tactics. "Special people" apply defensive play with deep squad and wait for the opportunity to make counterattacks. However, the teams in the Premier League seem to have arrested this way of playing Tottenham.

Besides, the game style that coach Mourinho is applying to Tottenham is greatly dependent on Son Heung Min and Harry Kane. These two players have scored a total of 20 goals and contributed 14 assists, accounting for 80% of the total goals of "rooster" in the Premier League this season. The 0-2 defeat against Leicester showed how difficult Tottenham would be difficult when the duo was divided on public goods.

Mourinho is one of the most successful coaches of English Premier League when helping Chelsea 3 times to win the championship. The time has changed, "special people" understand that better than anyone. His mission was to take Tottenham back to the victory orbit if she didn't want to be left in the championship race.

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